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Chitika And Audio Equipment.

Discussion in 'Chitika' started by Harry, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Hey, this is my first post here.
    I've been looking into Chitika and it seems like a pretty good system, it appeals to me more than google adsense.
    But I'm not sure how effective Chitika can be with audio equipment websites. I'd be wanting it to have access to reasonably specific equipment, such as if I have a review on a Tascam 414MK2 I'd really like it to be able to hook me up with a link to the product and other 4 tracks.
    Does anyone know what links Chitika has with audio equipment?

    I'll just quickly tell you what my site basicly will be.
    The second the money goes into my bank account I'll be purchasing the hosting and a .net address for it.
    Being a musician and soon to be studio owner (5 weeks :D) I've been pretty dismayed with the music resource sites around.

    They usually come in 3 types.

    1. The getsigned.com format.
    Alot of good authors writing articles on a variety of topics. However anyone who visits getsigned will know that,

    A. Every article tries to push 'The most amazing totally awesome book that will get you gigs at every venue and make you millions of dollars' or a subcription to some service.

    B. The navigation is awful. If you visist the site, try and find your way onto page 18 of the article listing. The only way you can do this is to press 'next' until you eventually reach the page you want. It might not seem like a massive inconvenience but it makes it hard to browse through.

    C. It's aimed at upper level musicians. I.E. you know the workings of a record label, how points work e.t.c Rather than catering for lower level musician questions (How does an indie label work?) And it also aims more at musicians who can use gimmicks with their music when it comes to getting more fans. It doesn't really cater to people who need to get more people to gigs, or to buy albums who can't talk about psychoacoustic effects on a radio station or send mood rings to their fans.

    2. The near useless money maker.
    Basicly just someone who has about 10-20 articles up on subjects such as printing costs. Which on the face of it seem like they'll be good articles but they just turn into, 'I do all my printing with 'company paying me a referal sum' you should go with them it's really cheap'
    So essentially fairly useless articles for alot of people who will be searching because they probably get afford to use a big company.

    3. The honest but limited site.
    A few articles and an attempt at a venue database for an area. Which usually fails because the listing is medicore at best.

    So my site is an attempt to create an alternative to all that. I've written quite a few articles (30 or so) on band promotion, recording e.t.c. on a forum which got good feedback from users and in one article I pointed out getsigned.coms navigation failings which actually resulting in them emailing me to ask how they could improve the site. (They never did improve it though)
    What it will offer is,
    A list of articles written by me and user submitted on topics from recording techniques, band promotion techniques, music theory e.t.c.
    Reviews on signed artist cd's, unsigned artist cd's, audio equipment and instruments.
    A user submitted venue list. I've already made a good start on this. It'll be able to surpass other venue listings as most only list the name and address. Mine will list, name, address, who to contact for gigs, the typical genres that fit the venue, the size of the band it suits and comments on the venue from users.
    A forum focussing on band promotion, recording and instruments.

    Chitiki got my interest specificly with my review section.
    I'd like to be able to list a few items on a review for equipment that are alternatives to, or the actual item listed in the review itself. Working on the basis that if someones reading a review for equipment, they're either interested in buying it or are going to buy it.
    But I just don't know what connections Chitika has that will allow me to access music gear.
    I'd like to make money from the site. I'm not really expecting to make so much money I never have to work again. But enough to pay for the sites upkeep and to make it worth updating and maintaining.

    If anyone knows if they have good music gear advertisers let me know please!
    And if you know any good programs that focus on musical instruments or gear then let me know. (I've been looking at zzsounds affiliate program but I'm just a little sceptical of programs like that where I'd be paid a comission if someone bought something. If anyones had good revenue with this though then let me know. I'm just worried I'll sell 1 item a year :))

    Harry, Nov 24, 2005 IP
  2. blinxdk

    blinxdk Peon

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    Try going to chitika.com and searching for Tascam 414MK2 in their demo ad, they actually have it.

    I'm guessing they'll have alot of other products you can use, but as I know nothing about music I can't test :)
    blinxdk, Nov 24, 2005 IP
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  3. Harry

    Harry Peon

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    :eek: I didn't notice the search feature before! Thanks for letting me know! It's got the audio equipment I need. Thanks alot! Now I just need the money to clear in my bank account to pay for the site :)
    Harry, Nov 24, 2005 IP
  4. Dekker

    Dekker Peon

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    Good luck!, check out my FAQ for some other tips :)
    Dekker, Nov 24, 2005 IP