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Selling Cheapest SEO Services: Take Your Website To First Page In Google(1st Month FREE Trial + MoneyBack G)

Discussion in 'Services' started by *Mayank*, Sep 14, 2015.

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    Tired of Manual Link Building? Putting hundreds of hours of hard work only to see little to no improvement in Keyword Ranks?

    Outsource your SEO to us and watch your website climb in ranks within days. We use Methods that are SAFE and the best way to drive SERPs. Don't believe? Try us for FREE.


    We offer you First Month of SEO Service totally FREE and pay us only if you are satisfied and comfortable to proceed. If you feel you are not happy with our service, you can cancel the service and you won't be paying us a single penny. Customer Satisfaction is #1 priority for us.

    SEO Packages:


    Details On Our Services

    We build you high quality HOMEPAGE backlinks on websites that have limited outbound links, between 5-10 max. These websites are well maintained and taken care of. We don’t blast links and forget, we build good quality links on a regular basis while monitoring the SERPS improvement also.

    Our job is try and take your keywords to First Page in Google and more importantly maintain it there. Maintaining ranks is as important as improving the ranks. Only good quality backlinks continuously supplying the desired link juice will achieve this task of improving the rank and maintaining it in google.

    General Guidelines on Link Quality

    When it comes to the quality of links, we keep the following metrics in mind. All the links we build will have a MINIMUM of TF/CF/DA/PA of 15+ metrics. Currently, most of our links are coming from TF 20+ and PA of 25+

    Details on Onpage SEO

    Onpage SEO is very important and you just cannot rank those keywords without proper Onpage SEO. We have included Onpage SEO as a part of our service to help us and you in achieving the first page rankings in google faster. If you need any help with Onpage SEO, we are there to help you out.

    Why 1st Month is Free?

    Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction and we don’t want to burden our customers with upfront payments. We want our customers to feel safe, satisfied and comfortable with our service before they decide to go ahead and pay. That is why we are giving you an option to test out our service for first full month and if by any chance you are not sure, you can cancel the service and you wouldn’t have to pay a single dime.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee Offer

    You will be paying us for the second month of services. If there is no meaningful improvement in SERPs at the end of second month (which is highly unlikely) and you are not satisfied at all, we promise FULL REFUND.

    How long does it take to see SERP improvement?

    You should start seeing some improvements in SERPs within the first month itself.

    Any Samples or Review Copies?

    We are already giving every client a FREE month for trial in which you can cancel the service without paying if not satisfied. If you are interested in our service, feel free to give us a try, it will not cost you anything.

    Any other service we have run in the past?

    Yes, we ran a very successful forum posting services in the past. Read our thread over here. You will find pages after pages of only positive reviews from our clients. Customer Satisfaction was our #1 priority back then and it still is today!

    Some of the Keywords we are working on currently:

    Keyword 1 (201000 Searches): #85 to #19 and still improving
    Keyword 1.jpg
    Keyword 2 (5500 searches): #20 to #8
    Keyword 2.jpg
    Keyword 3 (40500 searches): #10 to #6
    Keyword 3.jpg
    Keyword 4 (27100 searches): #14 to #6
    Keyword 4.jpg
    Keyword 5 (1300 searches): #12 to #5
    Keyword 6 (40500 searches): #Nowhere to #5
    Please look at the stability of the ranks achieved. No blasting or spamming. Slow and Steady improvement in SERPs to the First Page in Google.

    Our Skype ID: greatestmj17

    If you are interested in our services, please post here or send us a PM or you may also add us into Skype to discuss.

    Thank you.
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    *Mayank*, Sep 14, 2015 IP
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    Hi I have just launched an ecommerence website and have little to no traffic .. It's brand new. The nature of the niche means low competition so keywords should be fairly easy to dominate, pm me and we can discuss to see if your service of right for my business? Thanks
    DTGraffix, Oct 19, 2015 IP