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Selling [CHEAP] PSD To HTML/CSS Service

Discussion in 'Design' started by Beginn3R, Feb 3, 2012.

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    PSD To HTML/CSS Service


    It's been a long time since I have been in Digital Point Forums, but i'm back!
    Today I am here to offer you guys a cheap service! I have been studying the techniques of programming websites in the last 2 years now.
    So today, and in the future, I could make your PSD designs, into HTML designs, so you can upload it to your own website, and use it!
    Because I am starting this service now, I am doing it cheap, as I think it is. MAYBE in the future, it will be a little more "expensive", but I am not sure, it would not be fair for you guys :) Other than PSD to HTML, I am also coding PSD to Wordpress, but it is a little more expensive, so it is up to you guys :) To make you guys sure, I am coding a PSD file you send me, like a design/theme that are used in every page, in other words, the "main design" (This doesn't count PSD To Wordpress). I am looking forward to code these designs to you guys!

    There are some conditions before you order. Before you order, make sure to send me a PM with the PSD file, so I can see about I am able to code it. I will try to keep in touch with you guys, so I can answer as fast as I can. After I got the PM, the payment will be over Paypal, so I can begin to code. I will ensure you guys, that it is going to be quality coding, so normal PSD to HTML would take me 4 days to code, so bare with me. The PSD to Wordpress service would take minimum a week - up to 10 days to code, because it isn't that easy, so I hope you guys understand :)

    PSD To HTML: $15!
    PSD To Wordpress: $20!
    Webdeveloper Ismail
    Beginn3R, Feb 3, 2012 IP