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Cheap - premium proxy website + toolbar with more 27.000 downloads ,HURRY!!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by jss4ever, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. #1
    Im Selling my Proxy Website ...
    it Receives around 100 hits a day
    A conduit toolbar with more than 27.000 Installations and over 700 online active users (users at the moment)

    40 toolbar downloads daily

    try it restrix.jssnetwork.com

    Conduit PPI System

    2 videos on youtube


    proxy established 2006

    live stats :

    Toolbar stats


    what you will get :

    * Domain: www.block.co.nr redirect
    * Site Content
    * Conduit Account for The Toolbar

    the website needs a good management as the website uses another proxy provider which is breakrules.co.cc, the user should have a little knowledge with html to implement the proxy server with the template, i can help with this :)

    the buyer gets the full content of the website to host it on their hosting
    also the buyer should get a domain for the website to and also the website is fully customizable

    the website is really cheap if you think about it, i'm selling it because i have a domain expires soon which is jssnetwork.com and i don't really wish to renew as i have new plans

    and i really wish someone could take the website and take good care of it

    the conduit account comes with 48$ free can be cashed out as soon as it reaches a specific amount (i don't remember it right now :p)

    will also redirect the current traffic to your domain with the hosted website

    BIN: 300$ negotiable
    BID: 100$

    Place your bids

    jss4ever, Dec 24, 2010 IP
  2. Hipto

    Hipto Peon

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    How much are u earning daily?
    Hipto, Dec 25, 2010 IP
  3. jss4ever

    jss4ever Active Member

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    im not monetizing it actually
    jss4ever, Dec 25, 2010 IP