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Cheap Banner ads ($20/month) on Big Forum (5,000 members, 43,000 Alexa)

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by TGS, Oct 3, 2007.

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    *We Will Create Professional Banners For You! Web 2.0 Appropriate*

    All payments over paypal to:

    Stats rundown: http://qskglobal.com/webalizer

    URL: http://qskglobal.com

    Who We Are: A gaming community of young people coming together to discuss not just gaming, but technology, personal life, etc.

    Target Audience: 15-25 year old, tech savvy people

    You will recieve 4 ad placements for only $20/month on a rotating basis with other advertisers. (that includes a site wide text ad in the header)

    1 728 x 90 banner on homepage and within forum threads

    1 300 x 250 banner on homepage and blog

    1 468 x 60 banner (site-wide footer)

    1 text link ad with your appropriate title in header

    This is one of the best deals you'll see. This will get your site tons of exposure. Are you ready? PM me after you've sent payment for more details.
    TGS, Oct 3, 2007 IP