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Chat GPT

Discussion in 'Bing' started by wMarketingD, Apr 27, 2023.

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    Thoughts on the new Chat GPT?

    I feel like its a bad thing because it will change the way we search and take many jobs from people. Where would those people who lost their jobs to the AI go? Can't go in the same sector
    wMarketingD, Apr 27, 2023 IP
  2. vrwrys

    vrwrys Greenhorn

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    It may help as many as it hurts.There's always going to be some pushback until they find out how to make money.The fears are real,but not for the reason we think.
    vrwrys, Apr 27, 2023 IP
  3. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    That's why you should always be upskilling and looking for new opportunities to be useful to your employer. If your job can be made obsolete by an AI then you haven't been paying attention.

    Ultimately the AI is just regurgitating information that is already known. It's not doing research or creating knowledge - we still need people to do that. We still need people to generate new ideas, to discover new concepts.
    sarahk, Apr 27, 2023 IP
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  4. Advantage Perks

    Advantage Perks Peon

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    For good or bad it can save a lot of time on some minor task, but I have to admit that I found that ChatGPT can lead to wrong conclusions during a research
    Advantage Perks, May 17, 2023 IP