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Changing Default eCommerce Values?

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by tayelletmarketing, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Is there a way to change the default settings in the GA Ecommerce reports to pull in different fields for "products"? I'm working for an event company and the way that our data flows, product refers to the type of ticket purchased (adult, child, senior, etc) instead of the event name. I'd like to update the default field so that it will pull an EventID instead of a the type of ticket.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to do this?
    A sample of my dataLayer is below for reference.

    "event": "purchaseSuccess",
    "transactionId": "XXXXXXXXX",
    "transactionEventId": "XXXXXX",
    "transactionProducts": [
    "category": "Convenience Fee",
    "name": "Convenience Fee",
    "price": "0",
    "quantity": "1",
    "sku": "convfee"
    "category": "Tickets",
    "name": "Adult",
    "price": "13.85",
    "quantity": "1",
    "sku": "00060013"
    "transactionShowDateTime": "4/19/2016 7:00:00 PM",
    "transactionTotal": "13.85"
    tayelletmarketing, Apr 7, 2016 IP