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CEREBRO, my online backlinks checker

Discussion in 'Websites' started by hemi427, Feb 15, 2015.

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    I took some SEO knowledge from this forum in the past. Now in return Id like to present you guys CEREBRO, backlinks checker Ive been coding in past months - opencerebro.com . Its free to use for now, at least in BETA phase. Backlinks database is taken from Ahrefs so the most fresh database you can find now. Additional modules are my creations.

    Id like to hear any feedbacks from you guys, tell me what you dont like, what would you like to see for that kind of tool etc. For most valuable opinions I will grant some lifetime discount once CEREBRO will be paid.

    Its my baby project and Id like to evolve to much bigger scale - all criticism is welcome :)


    hemi427, Feb 15, 2015 IP
  2. hemi427

    hemi427 Greenhorn

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    A bit over week ago I started project called CEREBRO. I couldnt be more proud we managed to design SEO tool that suits all needs, beginners and proffesional SEOers. I hope my tool gives you value you have been looking for, fast, clean and responsive backlinks checker that shows essential SEO information.

    Big Changes Next Week !!

    New features will be added next week;

    1. INDEX module - showing now also Bing and Yahoo! indexing and serp status
    2. Top Level Domains backlinks source world map
    3. Lost Backlinks Information, table and graph
    4. More detailed Backlinks table, you will filtr results via platform backlink is comming from etc.

    ...and more
    hemi427, Feb 22, 2015 IP