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Selling CBPopper ClickBank Software - Earn real money on ClickBank

Discussion in 'Services' started by MarkusJ_NZ, Sep 7, 2014.



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    Hi everyone, until recently we have been using a ClickBank script on our own websites with a huge amount of success and we have decided to offer it publicly.

    The sales page is below or you can directly to the sign up page if you wish.


    CBPopper - ClickBank Software

    Are you earning nothing on ClickBank?

    Are you spending too much time trying to match your pages with relevant offers?

    Are you frustrated trying to install scripts to maximize page profit that keep needing upgrades or worse - do not work?

    Well, you are in luck! Our CBPopper service removes the above headaches!!

    CBPopper will help you earn more money on ClickBank by popping ClickBank offers when a visitor clicks on your page.

    CBPopper will display offers directly related to the content on each of your pages automatically (We call it automagically!).

    CBPopper is easy to install - Just add a single line of HTML to your website and you will be displaying relevant offers straight away!

    CBPopper sounds way too good to be true, what exactly is CBPopper and how does it work?


    It's really that simple!!!

    More details please...

    The CBPopper service is a way for any web site to offer keyword targeted offers pulled directly from the Clickbank marketplace via a browser pop-up in real-time.

    Our custom search engine will search the ClickBank marketplace for any products that match the keyword you pass to our service and return the necessary script to pop-up the related offer with your ClickBank hop-link as the referrer.

    Any sales generated by your hop-link will be directly attributed to you and therefore earn you money!!

    All that is required to use the service is the addition of a single line of JavaScript into your webpage; it's really that easy!

    An example...

    As an example, you have a website about tattoos. To pop-up a ClickBank offer you would simply pass through the keyword Tattoo then our service will search the ClickBank marketplace for offers pertaining to tattoos. Your page would then pop up a ClickBank offer directly relating to Tattoos using your own ClickBank hoplink!

    Any sales made from that popup are directly attributed to you!

    Do you have a dynamic website with thousands of pages?

    Even better, how would you like to pop-up a different offer for each page within your website based on the different keywords for each specific page??

    Imagine the power in the following scenario!

    You may have a website covering different topics; the first page could be about making money online whilst the second page may have an article on Search Engine Optimization and then the third page may have content pertaining to Website Hosting.

    Using our software, for the first page simply pass through the keyword "Make money online" to automatically pop-up offers on that page directly associated with "Making money online".

    For the second page pass through the keyword "Search Engine Optimization" to pop-up offers directly associated with "Search Engine Optimization".

    On the third page pass through the keyword "Website Hosting" to pop-up offers on that page directly associated with "Website Hosting".

    It does not matter how many different pages covering any niche you have our software will search all current ClickBank offers and pop-up an offer directly associated with the keyword you send through on each individual page.

    The income potential is mind-boggling!!


    What are the main benefits of the CBOppper service?​

    The ClickBank product database is updated automatically by our servers to get the latest offers - you do not need to change anything within your website!

    Our custom search engine will extract the best possible offer for any specified keyword
    If there is no ClickBank offer for your keyword you are able to disable the pop-up or return a generic custom offer

    The software is easily integrated into any website platform such as Wordpress, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or simple HTML pages via a single line of JavaScript

    Supports a single webpage or thousands of webpages

    MarkusJ_NZ, Sep 7, 2014 IP
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