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Categorize into 2 to 4 blogs: You Decide, Subcategorize too

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by Chuck Abrahams, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Hi all, I have been a blogger since 2009. I started with one wordpress.com blog and moved to dot.org . I don't have it in the fibre of my being to have just one blog. 3 blogs are sufficient as I can divide and conquer and boost my love for blogging and get feedback. How do I categorize the following into three main blog categories:

    DC's Titans (Netflix series)
    The Punisher Seasons 1 and 2
    Koffee (Jamaican rapper, dancehall artiste, alternative, new school)
    The Flash
    Dating Naked
    Family Guy
    Super Sentai (Japanese action shows)
    Dua Lipa
    Selena Gomez
    Gigi Hadid
    Kendall Jenner
    Kylie Jenner
    Kim Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Khloe Kardashian
    Motivational Scriptures and (originals, by me)
    Cardi B
    Travis Scott
    Venom (Movie)
    Avengers: End Game
    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
    The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Man of Steel
    Superman (Chris Reeve Versions)
    Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
    Superman vs Atom Man (Old Black and White show)
    Batman: (Old Black and White show)
    Supergirl (1980s Movie)
    Wonder Woman 2
    Wonder Woman (1970s and 1980s)
    Gotham (Season 5)
    Iron Man
    Iron Man 2
    Iron Man 3

    I am a multi-faceted person and if I have the right categories across 3 blogs, if not two. I have a lot to say and even if two of my items don't work I'll still have them up and work on replacements or put them for later down the line. Give suggestions, please. No negativity or bashing. I am still learning this blogging thing each and every day. Positive words only.
    Chuck Abrahams, Feb 6, 2019 IP