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Cat n Mouse Game with forums+joomla

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by steelejones, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Here is my delimna..
    1. I have Joomla 1.X all installed and finally took the time to go thru the learning curve and i love it.

    2. Everyone says that using 'bridges' will slow down the site drastically with any type of real usage.

    3. I installed Fireboard, actually like it quite a bit.

    Issue is..

    When asked if Fireboard could hold 40k Users, everyone about died....'There is NO WAY fireboard in its present state could handle that type of usage', those were the types of responses i was getting.

    So i guess im back to square one..

    My needs are as follow...

    1. User goes to Joomla and REGISTERS for free at the moment.
    2. User after clicking on validation email can now view the forums link.
    3. User uses the 'user' and 'pass' he signed up for on joomla to log into the forums (so yes sharing the user profile, database etc)
    4. Forum has to be able to handle 40-50k users

    Speed will be an issue im assuming at some point with that many users. And bridges im told will throw a wrench into the speed...

    I would just WRAPPPER it, but it seems to be slow that way, as well as it wouldnt share the user info..

    Ive looked at, Vanilla, SMF, phpbb etc, but unsure what do to solve the above issues.

    Any suggestions ?
    steelejones, Jan 8, 2008 IP