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Card Payment Gateway With No Currency Conversion On Withdrawals

Discussion in 'Payment Processing' started by xmoravej, Jan 23, 2017.

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    I am running an eshop where I sell my own SW. I want to replace an existing PayPal gateway connector, that I use to accept card payments, with an alternative payment solution that accepts bank cards.

    My requirements are quite simple:
    (1) Must accept USD and EUR payments.

    (2) Received USD and EUR payments must be handled separately (e.g. on two different accounts).

    (3) Must accept Visa, MasterCard and possibly American Express.

    (4) must allow withdrawals in USD and EUR *without* any currency conversion (i.e. I want to be able to withdraw USD to my USD bank account and similarly for the EUR currency; my bank accounts are held in my local bank).

    My business is currently established in Czech Republic, but I am planning to move it to UK later this year.

    I asked Skrill, but they do no satisfy the last requirement and apply 2.99% fee on top of the current wholesale conversion rate. What is wholesale rate, I do not know, but I guess, it may differ from the current market FX conversion rate...

    The current PayPal connector meets all points but the last one and it is the main reason why I want to leave because their currency conversion rates are just ridiculous.

    Thank you,
    xmoravej, Jan 23, 2017 IP
  2. Lucas_Payza

    Lucas_Payza Peon

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    Hi Jan,

    I'm Lucas from Payza, nice to meet you! From what I read, it seems we meet all your criteria. We accept USD and EUR payments, work with separate balances, process Visa and MasterCard (however, not American Express) and we allow withdrawals in both USD and EUR without forcing you to convert either of them into another currency, provided that you have a bank account that accepts whichever currency you're withdrawing in.

    If you've got any questions, feel free to reply here or in a private message!

    - Lucas
    Lucas_Payza, Jan 24, 2017 IP