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Captureplay.com - Get paid for playing games !

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Blade800, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Hey everyone ! The previous thread about this site got deleted cause I broke some rules I wasnt aware of, I am sorry for that and I will try not to break them anymore.


    Service has existed since about half of the year. Mainly play the Poles and Filipinos. Occupy the first places my friends who have a little fun with this ($ 1065, $ 852, received a salary (paid in advance even more).

    The minimum payout - 20 $ - 200000 points.

    You can play three games:
    -Type shooter Quake
    -Mancala (boolean)

    We can play with the computer or against other players.

    Get points for ranking.

    Each game has 3 rankings + a summation of all the games:
    Hourly Ranking - 1st place - 1000 points., Every additional -100 points, and up to 10 places.
    Weekly Ranking - 1st place - 30000 pts., 10th - 5000 pts.
    Monthly Ranking - 1st place - 50000 pts., 10 place - 10000 pts
    Even a few people, so not hard to get a place in the ranking. In the night hours do not have the people, so just go to any of the games on the minute:).
    So in the Ranking, we can get hourly 4000pkt. By going to the max. 10 minutes.
    Additionally, you can also play with other players for points, which we won and do quests, which will allow us to jump higher in the rankings.

    For every referral you get 20,000 points ($2USD), and for their referrals 10000 points ( $1 USD)


    Here are some NEW CONDITIONS which you must meet in order to get CREDITED FOR YOUR REFERRAL (20 000 credits):

    - The referred player must receive our new player sign-up bonus (basically its those 1000 credits which you recieve on start)
    - The referred player must play 5 games
    - The referred player must play 30 minutes in the games
    - The referred player must come from a unique online identity household


    At the beginning I suggest playing with the computer to understand what's going on and until then watch out for people who offer to play for points:)

    Payment proofs:


    I got most of the money from referrals.


    IF YOU WISH to support me, you can find my link below.

    Enjoy !
    Blade800, Nov 20, 2011 IP
  2. Blade800

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    More payment proofs which didnt fit into the first post !

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Blade800, Nov 20, 2011 IP