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Cant get out of PR0 - penalty?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by djad, May 13, 2011.

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    Hi .can somebody find out why the heck i cant get out of PR 0 ?
    we have changed the URL from http to https and lost all backlinks.

    we redirect it with 301 and after 2or 3 monts we get PR 1 but only a few days...then again PR0.

    sombody know what can be the reason?

    my site:

    i would be glad for some tips..
    djad, May 13, 2011 IP
  2. TimHillSEO

    TimHillSEO Well-Known Member

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    Ignore it!

    PR has nothing to do with where you rank in the search results. A PR0 page can come before a PR8 page so why waste time on it?

    Now your website is very pretty but because it relies so heavily on images it is almost invisible to search engines. Were the descriptions of the hotels written by you or copied or provided by the hotels (which is the same as copied because they will give all portals the same text). If it's not original that won't help.

    Finally your meta tag for your home page could be spiced up a bit - I don't speak much German but I know this and it doesn't inspire me to click on your link in the search results.

    I think you have a great skill when it comes to graphics and user friendly features but unfortunately Google just can't handle them yet.

    Good luck
    TimHillSEO, May 13, 2011 IP
  3. djad

    djad Peon

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    thank you very mutch for your reply

    you are right, maybe PR is not all i was just angry because we lost PR1 in a few days.

    I have no access to this site, im doing or trying just a little bit seo.

    you are right with the short description.have tio talk with another guy.
    with the word "Reiseauktion" (travel auction) and with we are on the first page in google.but nobody is searching the word so i choose "Reiseschnäppchen position as i start my work was about 490... today about 100 (in 1 Month)

    the other problem ist. maybe google can look only into the offers on the homepage
    the other offers are hidden.

    the desciptions where provided from the guys who promoting their hotels or offers.
    i cant say to them you need an extra description.

    thank you very mutch for this tips...
    djad, May 13, 2011 IP