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Cannot remove page roles on Facebook since way too long

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by john--smith, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Hello community, and thank you for accepting my first post!

    This problem is seriously driving me crazy... Since over 2 months, there is just absolutely no way I can remove someone from the page roles for our store's Facebook page, and Facebook has been ignoring the issue... This issue is really serious, because there are former employees which should not have access to our company's information who still have access, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Here are all the details of the problem:
    • I go to "Page Roles > Edit > Remove > Confirm > Enter Password", and every single time, I get a message saying "Something went wrong. We are looking into it."
    • I still can promote/demote the roles, so at least I can demote them to "analyst"
    • I have been trying since November/December, and nothing changed
    • The other administrator on our page tried from his account and he gets the same message
    • The problem happens regardless of the level of the person we want to remove
    • I have reported the issue in December using the "There is a problem" function on Facebook and the only thing I got was a generic stupid answer saying "Thank you for reporting this"
    • I looked into the help center / community, and the only thing there is is instructions on how to remove a role... Also, there doesn't seem to be a way anymore to ask a question to the community...
    • This is a serious security issue, as people who should not have access to our company's data still have access, and Facebook just seem to not care / not understand this seriousness.
    In my life, I have dealt with many people and companies, and I think Facebook is in a class of its own, at the summit of "not giving a s%$& about anything and anyone".

    Can anyone help with this, please?
    john--smith, Jan 29, 2019 IP
  2. john--smith

    john--smith Greenhorn

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    I wrote again to Facebook using the "There is a problem" function. This time, I capitalized a few words (lol...) and in the first sentence, I specified that this was an important security issue, and a few hours later, I tried to delete the page roles of former employees, and it worked... Looks like after a certain time and a few tries, you might just fall on someone at Facebook that cares about your problem...
    john--smith, Feb 3, 2019 IP