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Selling Cannabis Domains & Websites, YouTube Channel, Twitter Page, Daily Newspaper. Easy transfer.

Discussion in 'Sites' started by FWS, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Cannabis Domains & Websites; YouTube Channel, Twitter Page, Daily Newspaper. Easy transfer.


    Get your piece of the Las Vegas Legal Cannabis market w/the ONLY online Cannabis Dispensary Directory exclusively marketed for Las Vegas!

    This opportunity will be available only for a short time, I may change my mind. I'm retiring and selling all of my prized digital real estate. This site is poised to scale into 7 figure value over time.

    This Cannabis Dispensary DIRECTORY provides a State of the Art User Interface dashboard for each business to;

    • Sign up and claim their listing
    • Review and respond to reviews
    • Receive and reply to messages
    • Send push notifications to their customers
    • See who clicked to call their business
    • Generate leads w/targeted ads
    • Showcase the list of their items or services
    • Offer unlimited deals & coupons
    • Host and promote upcoming events on their listing

    • Site Users can easily narrow the search results with price, open now, near me (distance radius) and features, as well as any custom fields that are enabled for search.

    • Business owners signup for free or paid plans to submit their listings and become a member. You may choose to make it mandatory for free members to upgrade to a premium plan after the trial expires.

    This online business is ideal for an experienced Digital Marketing professional that is knowledgeable about Local Las Vegas Cannabis and Dispensaries, SEO for Local Search, and SEO for Voice Search;

    Someone with WordPress and SEO experience, along with an entrepreneurial spirit to continue dominating the Local Las Vegas Legal Cannabis marketplace.

    * Optimized for voice search by an Influencer Marketing Expert.

    From text message marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile strategy, and content marketing to search, local marketing, social media, customer loyalty, and reputation management.

    Sale includes:

    • 3 Domain's (.com,.n screenshot-vegasreputation.gif et,.org)w/expertly optimized Full-featured sites w/First Page Rankings

    • Schema Markup

    • Trademarked branding (Logo & brand names)

    • Tremendous array of marketing models (Push Notifications, E-Mail Lists, Etc.)

    • Influencer Social Media Accounts

    • Highly ranked YouTube Channel

    Daily Digital Cannabis Newspaper

    • Shopping Channel

    • Mobile Apps (ready to load to Google & I Tunes)

    • Premium Digital Real Estate

    • A lifestyle brand, media outlet

    • Serious SEO potency

    • High-value top level domain names

    • 3 Months of Support & Guidance (30 hours total)

    Highly sought after search terms and phrases, perfect for cannabis local news and statewide political Cannabis news. Ready to be monetized with more advertising.

    Automated with Google Ads & Affiliate Links.
    Turn-key business.

    The Nevada Department of Taxation estimates more than $340 million in recreational marijuana sales occurred from July 2017 to April 2018. Estimates from Cowen investment bank suggest the legal weed industry could generate $75 billion in the U.S. by 2030.

    As more dispensaries open and consumers are given a wider variety of choices, it will become more important than ever for each dispensary to set their brand apart from the competition.

    This Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Directory is positioned to take full advantage of that.

    Savvy business owners already know the importance that developing an online presence has in staying competitive. The only way to stay afloat in competitive industries is effective marketing.

    But how do you effectively market your brand if your customers can’t find you? With advertising on the only local directory, that's how.

    95% of potential customers say they won’t go past the first page of search results when searching for a business or product.

    This website(s) is already dominating the first page of search results for local Las Vegas cannabis related searches.

    Anyone who has worked in the SEO field for any length of time knows that success hinges on consistent effort repeated day in and day out. Results don’t come easy. In that regard, the buyer of this online property needs to have the time and desire to continue updating and optimizing the sites.

    This online property is a customized strategy that will provide sustainable growth over time for your business.

    The bigger your company’s presence on social media the better. Our YouTube Channel and Twitter account has thousands of active followers and views.

    Social signals contribute heavily to any website's authority leading to better search rankings allowing prospective customers to find you.

    *You need to Understand the Cannabis Industry in order to be effective on social media.

    We’re looking for a buyer that doesn’t have any preconceived notions about the industry. Someone who understands the many medical and health benefits that cannabis offers as well as the legal issues dispensaries have to deal with.

    We’re looking for a buyer that’s familiar with the Las Vegas area, cannabis culture and the terminology surrounding it.

    • A person that’s savvy enough to tell the difference between Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid.

    • A person that understands how edibles effect a consumer differently.

    • A person that supports full legalization and believes in the medical and societal benefits of marijuana.
    FWS, Jul 5, 2019 IP
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    Brian Ott, Jul 10, 2019 IP