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Can Optigold isp use Aradial radius server?

Discussion in 'Optigold ISP' started by Gabriel K A, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Can Optigold isp be setup to use Aradial radius server to forward authentication, accounting informations to optigold isp for authentication and accounting? pls help.
    Gabriel K A, Mar 18, 2008 IP
  2. Mia


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    Good luck getting an answer out of this forum...

    My suggestion would be to try it. I am not familiar with that RADIUS, but given the "New Server Events" can be custom scripted, I would imagine you could do this by going to Maintenance and Preferences then Server Events Setup then New Server Events Setup, and creating a new event, then where it says "PROTOCOL" choose say, command line or telnet, and from there, issue the commands necessary for each server event you want to create, like adding a user, deleting a user, change passwords, etc..

    Good luck!
    Mia, Mar 19, 2008 IP