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Can Mobile App Bring More Sales Than Web Store For An Ec Business?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by cathaylist.com, Feb 14, 2013.

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    We are thinking to create app store modules for our EC customers who run web stores on our platform.
    So far, we just simply offer web store builder, considering to offer app service that can allow consumers buying stuff on their mobile app.

    I can find less data about app store vs. web store, not sure if the ROI worth our investment. I suppose many owners may be willing to pay for a new store on mobile app as a new toy>

    Not sure if opening an EC business on mobile as app store attracts more sales?
    cathaylist.com, Feb 14, 2013 IP
  2. spyderfx

    spyderfx Greenhorn

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    That's kind of a tough one. I know some really big e-commerce stores have mobile apps, like Amazon and NewEgg. I personally use the Amazon mobile app because you can compare prices by scanning barcodes. Without that functionality I probably wouldn't use the app at all though.

    I'd say the typical route is to make a responsive website that works on both mobile and desktop. If you're looking for a product to up-sell, you could create a separate mobile template and have your e-commerce platform recognize whether the device is mobile or not, then switch templates.

    You could also offer a mobile app for managing their web store, which would probably be more popular than an app of a web store.
    spyderfx, Feb 14, 2013 IP
  3. cathaylist.com

    cathaylist.com Active Member

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    Thanks the reply, I guess we will offer mobile html templates first. App will be a custom offer.
    cathaylist.com, Feb 15, 2013 IP