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Can I Rank for Competitive Keywords?

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by bluesharksolution, Mar 26, 2013.

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    How To Get Top Ranking For High Competitive Keywords ?
    How to Rank For Competitive Keywords within limited Time-frame (3-4months) ?
    bluesharksolution, Mar 26, 2013 IP
  2. freeadstime

    freeadstime Well-Known Member

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    First the website should have the potential of being promoted. See what competitors do offer and do your best to offer more. Pick 5 to 7 keywords for the homepage as use them as your meta keywords. Pick 160 characters as for your meta descriptions. Choose 3 keywords out of the earlier picked terms and use these as your title. Your top number one keywords should be within a H1 tag in the homepage. then your second and third keywords should go in H2 tag. H3 would be the other regular headers.
    Don't keyword stuff, don't go over 2% for one term. Don't put more than one ad above the fold. Search for Google Page Speed Insight and go to the first link. Check your speed score, make sure it is above your competitors score.
    Get your site involved in Social Networking sites. I can't continue over here, as it would be a very long essay. But the mentioned points is a good way to start. We might be wrong for all the points, but they have worked before.
    freeadstime, Mar 31, 2013 IP