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Can I get Google My Business for a sub domain?

Discussion in 'Google' started by john1214, May 4, 2020.

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    I have verified my local business in Google My Business and the local knowledge graph appears in the search results with my site example.com.
    My question is that if my domain name is example.com and i create a sub domain like store.example.com, can i get it verified in Google My Business.

    Example.com is a delivery and courier website and has a different local address.

    Store.example.com is an online store where i sell flower, gifts and more and this sub domain has a different local address.
    Thank in advance for the replies.
    john1214, May 4, 2020 IP
  2. seomanualsubmission

    seomanualsubmission Well-Known Member

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    Yes you can but would be better if you use another domain because according to your example your example.com is doing completely different business than sotore.example.com.

    Google will ask only to verify your address and many times i see and verified multiple business at single addresse for our clients like Hotel, Restaurant, Travel ....... Business name a bit different but location is same.

    So as you are saying that you have different address then need to verify address only and your business will be listed in Google.

    Even if you have no website then also you can list your business in Google my business ....... Google give also facility to create a free business site with extension of .business.
    seomanualsubmission, May 4, 2020 IP