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Selling By Using Our Sold Ezine articles + Web 2.0 Services!

Discussion in 'Services' started by tommyanderson, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Hey i am tommy here
    introducing about EZINE articles and WEB 2.0
    we are trying to sell out the best quality of ezine articles and web 2.0
    this most require services in the market.
    web 2.0 and ezin one of best article in the market and moderator check each and every content properly
    google is now moving out widely high engaging website of ezine article and web 2.0

    1-if you want to make strong back link for your site then you must write just one article for the ezine and it link will be very strong

    2-article can be easily influenced by many people and millions of people can follow your article

    benefit web 2.0
    1- There are many high exposure platforms of web 2.0 like squidoo, hubpages, tumblr, wordpress, blog.com etc...etc.. And yes, if you give regular update with all the web 2.0 properties which you have created then I am sure success of huge traffic is in your hands!.

    2-Web 2.0 sites that allow to post interesting and unique/High quality contents on their platforms,So if you want to drive huge traffic and back links to your site then web 2.0 is the top way. All reputable Web 2.0 sites also reward your efforts by sharing some of their income with you depending on their payment and earning rules. So, creating different Web 2.0 pages will both promote your own site and can earn some money through Google Ads and Amazon network
    we will generate each new web 2.0 well know platform like on tumblr, squidoo, hubpages, live journal, blog.com, wordpress with giving suitable names of your brand and your product!

    We will create each new high quality and informative content with 400 to 500 words and give 2 or 3 links in the body of the article, We will also give 2 or 3 relevant images with the article body as well.

    One more major benefit if using our services is the awesome social bookmarking of each and every links which we will generate for you

    Our charge is: 1 EZINE (Writing + submission in platinum account with "GUARANTEED" approval) - $5

    1 web 2.0 creation.( Creating new web 2.0 platform + posting 1 article with 2 or 3 links includes relavant images as well.) - $5

    offer price -5 web 2.0 (writing + submission ) only 11$


    Last edited: Aug 4, 2015
    tommyanderson, Aug 4, 2015 IP
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    Nice service :) I love using web 2.0 sites to rank my money sites, it still works. I scrape high authority Tumblr blogs with lots of backlinks, it works for me every time. I even automate the backlink building using Rankwyz, so easy to rank sites this way.
    Rankers Paradise, Sep 25, 2016 IP