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Buying traffic from TONIC.com

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by chriswong065, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Does anyone have experience in buying traffic from TONIC.com? It seems it has a lot of pop under and redirect traffic, that's why I'm interested in using it.

    However, my account is blocked immediately after funded by a verified PayPal account. It just said it is due to legal concern and no one reply my email anymore.
    It feels like there is some problem with the company. My fund is still inside and there is no way to get it back as the login account is blocked, also no one from the company response.

    I am not sure if it is fine to raise this issue here. I just wanna check if anyone is facing the same or having clue on how to solve this.

    Thanks all.
    chriswong065, Mar 20, 2018 IP
  2. egoldzone

    egoldzone Well-Known Member

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    just contact them again to get help
    I am never use this service
    egoldzone, Apr 3, 2018 IP
  3. ShortGuyzRule

    ShortGuyzRule Member

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    Contact them again via email, and/or their social media accounts or any forum they're active on (if they're active on SM or forums).....If no reply within a week, I'd file a dispute with PP
    ShortGuyzRule, Apr 4, 2018 IP