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Buying Bulk Setup wordpress sites

Discussion in 'Programming' started by iamalive, Jan 14, 2017.

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    I am looking for someone who will create autoblog wordpress sites in bulk

    - install wp (+ domain dns) and configure premium themes to look as on their demos ( with own posts setup from an autblogging plugin)
    - add relevant plugins(you can use things like cmscommander (via our own acc) etc to speed up your workflow)
    - add a few random plugins as necessary to make sites more unique
    - add a simple logo via logomakr.com
    - add and remove minor code / snippets ( like dates and other things which repeat)
    - setup categories ( I will provide this)
    - configure yoast seo ( will give the settings)
    - set a unique homepage title / tagline
    - setup autoblogging plugin ( I will provide keywords to enter for this)
    Basically I hand you domain access to a limited level and hosting and you do the rest from there.

    I am looking for quality sites created by you that give a good user experience.

    Keep Administration via google docs spreadsheet in a neat and organized manner, filling in all fields.

    You should be able to do 2-6 of these per day
    Budget $10 per site - not negotiable
    Do the math this could work out to $20 to $60 per day for you.
    Which is an extra $600 to $1800 a month

    Total sites needing setup for now: 200
    Depending on your performance we can increase this total site amount.
    Payment per 10 sites completed according to requirement and QC.
    Payment on completion of each batch, no partial payments PERIOD. Partial work costs me more in time and thus money to reset up and relay work to other providers and is not worth it. Nor are those people committed and I need some dedicated and RELIABLE!

    Need someone who has good feedback on this forum consistently with no negative comments or involved in any disputes etc
    NO NEW MEMBERS or members without transactional history and that does not mean itrader I will dig into your post history

    Send me a PM in the following format:
    - sites you have previously setup on wp with urls
    - how many you could reasonably estimate you can do per day with the above given info
    - Your experience configuring premium wordpress themes - experience really matters here otherwise it will not be an efficient workflow

    Payment wise, this could even work for tier 2 countries and certainly for tier 3
    It could even work for a tier 1 country depending on how efficient your workflow and experience is, say churn out 4-6 a day, but if you are not sure it is better not to try and waste both of our times.

    If you have any questions and you are seriously interested
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
    iamalive, Jan 14, 2017 IP
  2. buncoh

    buncoh Active Member

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    I have few questions :

    1. These wordpress sites has to be setup in a same host or multiple host (servers)?
    2. Do you provide the domains or not?
    3. Do you provide the premium themes or we have find them ourselves?

    I might interested to do this task as I can write scripts to speed up my workflow.
    buncoh, Jan 14, 2017 IP
  3. graphicguy

    graphicguy Greenhorn

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    Did you find someone for this task, or can I send my offer please?

    graphicguy, Jan 16, 2017 IP
  4. pritesh3232

    pritesh3232 Active Member

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    I have good experience in bulk wordpress site setup. as i don't have any good feedback on this forum, i am agree to go for a demo like 5 test site and then move on. Let me know what you think. Ready to start now

    I am also freelancer.com
    pritesh3232, Jan 16, 2017 IP