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Building Killer selling Travel Affiliate sites

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by mikoleg, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Hello. I would like to share ideas how to build great affiliate sites to start selling like crazy. The main problem of the any landing affiliate site is that users do not trust it and trying to avoid all ID related links so the best way is simply hide them from the user trying to show insure them until the last second that they are using real product site.
    I achived that with custom made design and some php coding.

    Take a look at my work done travel.personalcreator.com
    I am also selling it as open...
    mikoleg, Jan 14, 2008 IP
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  2. mikoleg

    mikoleg Peon

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    Well let me give you a brief review and if you are interested it will be my pleasure to answer any questions.

    I've built not actually a script yet as i would rather call that an xhtml affiliate platform with a specific way to hide affiliate links. Lets look at the example:

    You have an affiliate link such as: http://xxxxxxx.com/hotels/index.jsp?cid=xxxxxx

    So what i do is converting this link into www.yourdomain.com/hotels
    But this is not simple redirection as your user clicking the link wont leave yourdomain.com and will proceed to affiliate content within your site having your header, footer any other includes around. One note is that it is not just done with frames that you could probably imagine.. just to let you know that it is not using any frames but only 1 single iframe to place affiliate content. But links conversion has nothing dealing with frames which will never get good conversion with search engines and adsense which i also integrate within.

    This way you can generate as many links as you like building an actual web site running with a site map and posting it to search engines keeping in mind that after SE will index the pages all your links will look absolutely SEO friendly but actually leading to affiliate content. Also i am professional XHTML/CSS developer and Web designer so i am trying to pay maximum attention on that as well having clean source codes and nice looking pages.

    Also for users it is no possible to see in anyway how the link is connected to affiliate content meaning even if the user will go inside the source code he wont see any affiliate links with ID's and other affiliate info.

    You can go and see my sample made.

    Right now i do not have any Administration panel and everything is hand edited which i also do not find too complicated. I do have a project going in plans to build an administration panel for that but for now simply out of time on other stuff.

    If you are interested i am currently selling http://travel.personalcreator.com/ version it is connected to IAN.com affiliate program. Check my auction on over here http://www.sitepoint.com/marketplace/auction/18859

    mikoleg, Jan 15, 2008 IP
  3. dtm

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    Sold if you can help me with this site.
    dtm, Jan 17, 2008 IP