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Building a company to help with student loans / Entrepreneur financ. Looking for feedback/interest

Discussion in 'General Business' started by yourcoinz, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Hey All,

    I am building a company called YourCoinz (https://yourcoinz.com/) which will allow you to sell a percentage of your future income like company shares, known as coins to be kept on a blockchain.
    So similar to how a publicly traded company works, we project how much you are expected to earn, say over the next 5 years, and let you set the percentage of your income that you want
    pay out to your coin-holders as a dividend.

    For example, Jane Doe is a student who desires to raise money to attend college. As a freshman she wants to major in finance. She has no current income, but decides to issue 1,000 coins/shares of her future income. She will begin paying dividends to her coin-holders 6 months after graduation. Let's say that her projected salary is $80k with a $10k raise year over year and she sets the percentage payout to be 10%. So initially in the first year, she pays $8k, then $9k and so on. So the coin-holders can expect a return of $50k total and so they would buy shares anywhere from $40-$45, allowing Jane to raise $40-$45k for college.

    I am really interested in feedback of this type of proposal and if people would be interested in creating a listing or speculating on potential investments. If so, please visit https://yourcoinz.com/ and fill out the form. We are in the process of getting the patents for the system and growing our pool of interested investors.
    yourcoinz, Oct 3, 2018 IP
  2. snakeplissken

    snakeplissken Active Member

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    Stinks of ICO and prone to fraud. What kyc measures do you have in place? You will need to consult a lawyer for some legal framework. If I buy a coin, are the conditions stipulated in a contract? What if the student drops out? How do you make sure the 'students' are not hit and run scammers?
    snakeplissken, Oct 3, 2018 IP