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Selling Build your own PTC site and earn up to 3k-4k per month.

Discussion in 'Services' started by jussy, May 11, 2011.

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    I have been running several PTC for my self and my clients.

    Our sites have been using very different strategies then other PTC sites.

    That means that we have been much much more profitable.

    I would offer a coaching/consulting service where I teach you how to
    run your own profitable site.

    Here are some examples how your site will be earning:

    Revenue Methods:

    Actual site will be earning you couple of thousand in profits per
    month. Nothing huge.
    But I have raked in at times $10k per month extra from other sources.

    The real beauty of this is that you have thousands of money hungry people.

    So few examples how I made a lot additionally:

    • CPA:
    I signed up to affiliate program where I get paid $150 each time
    someone signs up to a poker site and deposits $20 and plays.

    On the site via forum or via aweber, I announced that I have put
    together a free training course about how to make consistently money
    through online poker. I also said that they need to apply via my site,
    and that I do not take anyone, but certain people. People who are
    serious and are willing to put work in it. They must be able to invest
    at least $20.

    As people apply, I tell them that only people I accept are the ones
    who have at least $20 in youraffiliatepokersite.com . They dont and
    will sign up using your ref link and deposit $20.

    Then I send them a short course that can be found online etc.

    Always make sure they are receiving some sort of value.
    With that short email I made over $3000 via affiliate commissions.

    Method 2:

    Another method I used was via freebie sites. I showed them my account
    where there were 390 people who had completed the offer and turned
    green. (I make a lot through freebie sites) Each green was over $25 so
    as they can see I had a lot of money. I made a short 15 minutes video
    course explaining various methods how I do that.

    I said that everyone can buy that for either $25 or by signing up
    under my ref link and completing a offer.

    In few days I just watch how over 100 people turned green and made
    quite a few sales also.

    Methods like that go on and on.

    So here are few options how you will be generating profits :)

    I will show you how to motivate people, how to make it profitable, how
    to create a site that has thousands of moneyhungry members in a week

    Let me know if this is something that you can see value in.

    Pricing will be : $1000 upfront and $2500 after the site has generated
    you $3500
    (If someone want to offer me another solution about upfront payment then feel free to contact me) I wont bite :)

    jussy, May 11, 2011 IP
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  2. jussy

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    pricing have been changed.No need to pay 1000$ upfront
    jussy, May 30, 2011 IP