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Official Build and Grow Your Own Internet Business - On Our Dime!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by The Stealthy One, Jul 1, 2015.

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    We are DomainCash.ws, and we help people from all over the world start up and build their own Internet businesses.

    DomainCash.ws is special because we pay for your business expenses. Why do we do this? The reason is simple - when you succeed, we succeed. So our incentive is to help you succeed. One way we do this is by paying for your business expenses so you can get started for free. No one else is currently doing this.

    We operate in the Internet domain name business. To some of you, this may sound boring. But this fast-growing industry holds the most opportunity for success in your own Internet business. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons is because the domain name is the very foundation of the Internet.

    Domain names are the www.yournamehere.com strings of text that you type into a Web browser when you want to visit a Website. Even at a time when much of the Western world is moving towards apps and mobile smartphone-based platforms, domain names still form the basis of any connected technology activity - including smartphone apps.

    At the end of 2014, there were more than 288 million domain names registered. This was an increase of over 4 million from three months before! A registration fee is charged every time a domain name is purchased. Every domain name must be renewed either monthly or annually - and the registration fee must be paid each time the domain is renewed.

    So as you can see - not only do domain names form the very basis of everything we do involving modern technology. They are also a great way to build a residual, long-lasting income stream on the Internet.

    There are other ways to make money with domain names. Once you have registered a domain name, you can sell it to someone else for whatever price the two of you agree upon. In 2014, the top-grossing sale of a single domain name was for $6.78 MILLION!!! Of course, not every domain name is worth nearly as much, but many can be sold for at least several hundred dollars.

    DomainCash.ws offers 14 Top-Level-Domain (TLD) extensions that you can offer for sale. These include .com, .net, .org, .biz, .ws, etc. We are well-positioned for success and, in turn, so are you when you launch your new business with us.

    Here are the immediate business benefits you receive from the DomainCash.ws business platform:

    • Sell 14 of the highest-volume TLDs
    • Sell full-featured bundled Website services, including hosting and a Website builder with Web apps
    • Sell Internationalized Domain Names (or IDNs) - these are domains that can be typed in a native character set. This is a brand-new, multi-billion dollar segment of domain names.
    • Auction the domains you own to others on our proprietary auction platform for a second stream of income
    • Help others get started with their own domain name businesses and receive a share of all of their profits
    • A full-fledged Domain Business Plan to help you grow your business quickly and easily. We'll show you exactly what to do so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
    • All of your business expenses paid for at least your first 5 weeks in the business, after which you should be making enough money through the Domain Business Plan to cover all of your expenses and earn a nice profit

    Here is an example to illustrate to you the power of this opportunity. Remember how we said that in the fourth quarter of 2014, 4 million new domain names were registered? Let's assume that with your new business, you can reach 1% of prospective domain buyers in the fourth quarter of 2014. This would be 40,000 people. Let's then assume that of these 40,000 people, only 1% chose to buy a domain name from you. That would be 400 domains purchased in one quarter (a three-month period of time). Through DomainCash.ws, you will make anywhere from $1 to $15 per month for each domain name sold. That is potentially $6,000 in monthly income with a very rudimentary and easy to attain example. If you market your business correctly by following the Domain Business Plan, you should be able to do much better than this.

    Your ongoing expenses, once you are able to cover them, will never exceed $50 per month - and you can actually choose to set them to a level as low as $10 per month. As you can see, you could be earning a profit of $5,950-$5,990 per month - and remember, we cover all of your costs in this business as you get started.

    Now, let's assume that of your 400 domain registrations, 40 (that's just 10%) are sold each month on our auction platform, for an average selling price of $500 each. You would earn an additional $200 per month on these auctioned domains.

    Imagine continuing to replicate these results, month after month. If you continued to sell 400 new domain registrations each quarter, with 10% of your domains being sold on the auction platform for an average price of $500 each, after 2 years your monthly income would be somewhere in the range of as little as $3,400 per month to as high as $48,200 per month. Would that make it worth your while to start your own business today?

    We think that perhaps it does. We cannot guarantee your results, because your own results depend upon the effort you put forth. However, we can say with certainty that if you follow the Domain Business Plan - you will succeed.
    For more information, we only ask that you send an email to and explain why you want to be involved in the domain name business. I am Daniel, and I will personally respond to you within 24 hours (often, much sooner) and we can discuss helping you get started.

    We are all very excited to begin this journey with you! Join our industry and learn how to build a lifetime of residual income today!
    The Stealthy One, Jul 1, 2015 IP