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Selling Buddy Recipes

Discussion in 'Sites' started by dejanilic89, Feb 13, 2022.

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    User profile info:

    • Cooking levels – The cooking level for a user. It can be “None,” “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” “Expert,” or “Professional.”
    • Last user visit – Display the time when a user has been active on the site.
    • Several profile views – How many times have other users visited the main profile page of a specific user.
    • Living in – Allows the user to set the home country/location.
    • User website – If the user has a website, it can display its URL on the profile page.
    • Registration date. – Shows the registration date. It may be helpful for other users because they will know how old this user is on the current site.
    • Reputation score. – Shows how many reputation points the user has, with the link to detailed info about it.
    • Several followers/following. – the number of followers and the number of users that are following with the link to the list of users.
    • About – A short description of the website.
    • Send Private message – This allows another user to contact the user via a personal contact form.
    • Settings – Allows the user to set/update profile settings.
    • Follow button – Using AJAX allows one to instantly follow a user.
    • Awards – A list of awards that the user has won.
    • Social profiles – A list of URLs to other social networks where the user is register
    • User activity – A log with all users’ activity. It displays the recipes submitted, user following actions, recipes added to favorites, and liked recipes.
    • Avatars – Any registered user is allowed to upload a custom avatar image. The avatars work everywhere, in comments, members lists, forums, etc. No limits.
    • Password meter – When the user is updating its profile, and if is picking a new password, there is an indicator that shows how strong the password is. This is done by following an algorithm that determines the password length and the characters used. If the password is at least 8 chars long and contains one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character, it is determined to be strong on the uppercase letter.
    • User profile “My recipes” – is a page where the user can see all its recipes. Check the status and access the edit tools.
    Private messages:

    All messages are delivered using AJAX. This will prevent the page reload and will provide a better user experience. If the message does not meet the minimum requirements or a problem occurred, the form will return a human-readable error message.

    The user will get a notification in the website header with the number of new unread messages, each time a new message is sent from another member.

    • Inbox – a list of all messages that have been received from a user.
    • Sent – a list of all messages sent by a user.
    • Important – a list of messages marked as important by a user.
    • Shortcut messages send – Press Ctrl+Enter to send the message.
    • AJAX message send – The private messages are sent via AJAX. This allows the message to be transferred almost instantly, without reloading the page.
    Members list

    Members list displays all registered users on the site. There is available a basic user info, a number of recipes submitted, reputation, and the “Follow” button with the number of followers.

    Recipe submission

    Submit recipes directly from the website front-end, allow for any registered user, and rejected users from accessing the WP dashboard. Only admin is allowed to access the admin side.

    • Featured image – Use the native WP media Uploader to insert the featured image for a recipe.
    • Ingredients – Allows to add an unlimited number of elements. Each ingredient can include the name, quantity, measurement and other notes. The measurements can be edited(remove. add new) from the control panel, accessible only for admins.
    • “Preparation mode” and “Footnotes” – Use TinyMCE to create beautifull rich content that describe the recipe.
    • Links – If the recipe is not original, or if it a modified copy or whatever else, the user is allowed to insert the links in the footer of the newly submitted recipe. This field(like many other) is optional and may be left empty.
    Recipe Archive

    • Per page – The current reader can select how many recipes it want to be displayed per page. It has the option to select from a drop-down menu.
    • Sort by category or/and tag – When browsing recipes it can be hard to find the right one. That’s why it was implemented the sort by category or/and tag. If it selected only the category or only the tag, the page will show the results only for the selected value. But, if they are both selected, the page will show all recipes from the selected category that contains the selected tag. So you can be sure that the users will find the right recipes.
    • Recipe view – There a 3 recipe styles. The user can select the view that it likes more. To describe each, first has the most details, second is compact list view and third is a grid style that is aimed to provide a visual browsing using only the recipe photo and title.
    Tags Index

    The tags index is a very sly feature that allows to view all available tags and the number of recipes that’s using each. Also on that page is a filter that allows to minimize the list and to show only the tags that contains a part of a word. They can be viewed in inline or list mode. This is left at the user discretion.


    For the forums is user the bbPress plugin. It is fully compatible with this theme and it’s styled to give a strong impression of a real standalone forum software. Check it, there are many modifcations that you will not find in the default bbPress.


    The homepage is using a special drag and drop page builder. You can drag the modules and display recipes, by:

    • Subbmission date.
    • Last update date.
    • Favorites count.
    • Likes count.
    • Comments count.
    • Featured first.
    Also, you can display blog posts in a grid or list view by:

    • Submission date.
    • Last update date.
    • Comments count.
    There are also other modules that can help you to build a better index page to impress your website visitors.


    The theme has packed some special widgets that you may find usefull.

    • Social – Display links to your social networks. In the demo you find only a few, but you really want you can make the sidebar full with different socail networks links and each can have it’s logo(obviously), color, and special text.
    • Recipes categories – Of course you’ll need this. The users should be able to pick a recipe category from the list.
    • Recipes widget – Again like on the homepage you can display a list of recipes that is based on a set of settings: sorted by number of likes, favorites, date, etc.
    • Top users – Shows the authors sorted by reputation. They make your website content, so they need some attention.
    Logo and theme files are included in the sale, everything will be sent via WeTransfer.

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    Last edited: Feb 13, 2022
    dejanilic89, Feb 13, 2022 IP
  2. dejanilic89

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    Price discounted to $29!
    dejanilic89, May 25, 2022 IP
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    hello I'm very much interested under one condition need to test something on the website first pm me
    noneisnone, Sep 2, 2022 IP