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Breaking Out of Beginner

Discussion in 'General Business' started by LukenSurge, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Hi. I have been studying Digital Marketing for a couple years now. I am with an internship now but I am wanting to break out into my full career and get a better job. I dont know how to go about trying to leave the beginner stage and entering that of the intermediate. What skills and knowledge should I expect to have? What other advice, as well, for finding Digital Marketing jobs?
    I have been mostly a content writer while I studied more of Digital Marketing itself. I also enjoy creating websites on the side. I started my college more on the Graphic Design track, but am switching over to Marketing Management. So I do have some creative experience, though I would need to finish my Adobe suite training. For most of the last year while with my internship I have worked more with website maintenance, backlinking, guest posting, meta optimization, content optimization, and social media. I am working on acquiring my Google certifications for both AdWords and Analytics. I am trying to get into a deeper Digital Marketing position. I would like to work more with websites and data, and less with article writing.
    LukenSurge, Apr 13, 2017 IP
  2. zibolin

    zibolin Greenhorn

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    No matter what position you would like to apply it's good to have some "digital cv" - so all projects you participated/websited you created. Those would all be more important than any other passed exam or course you went to.
    zibolin, Apr 13, 2017 IP
  3. GAdsense

    GAdsense Well-Known Member

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    There are a couple of routes to entering the intermediate stage. It depends upon your interests, effort, style and attitude. I'd suggest you to complete your Adobe suite training and use that as your focal point. In the mean time, you can learn html, basic php and mysql. It would help you to enter the intermediate stage with websites and data. It will help you to find your interests too.

    You'll have less problems finding work due to your good English. It would come in handy if you choose to find job or even freelancing. I've been through all these times and there's no single path to becoming a pro. In fact, there are way too many ups and downs at times. For example, with an IT background, am pursuing MBA in Marketing too. But eventually there's a gut instinct and hard work that you do which will help you to become someone you feel you can become. Hope that helps and wish you best of luck.
    GAdsense, Apr 13, 2017 IP