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Blogging website review :)

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Rashok231, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Dear all,

    I would really appreciate it if you could review my blogging website, it's called Nature is my home and is about capturing moments in nature that have a story to tell. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.
    Rashok231, Aug 31, 2017 IP
  2. dabbu347

    dabbu347 Active Member

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    Hi Rashok231,

    shift your website's name "Nature is my home" to upwards because there is lots of space between your website name and header position. Align all things including website name and all contents to center. Add buttons like Home, About Us, Contact Us etc. Accordingly reduce the footer margin and give at least minimum space which gives a decent look. Add social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc on top right hand side of header. Bring the subscribe button to footer align it appropriately. Try to have at least 2-3 posts per page. Single post on whole website looks very much awkward.

    Hope you might consider my suggestions.
    dabbu347, Sep 4, 2017 IP
  3. Latic

    Latic Well-Known Member

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    One comment I have is maybe mentioning the purpose of the website / blog in your bio.

    If I visited the website without knowing it was a blog I'd be a bit confused!

    The design is nice, but doesn't look like the posting section centres the same as the menu and logo.
    Latic, Sep 5, 2017 IP