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Selling Blogger2WP with Web-Hosting, Domain And SEO @ $39 - XMas Special!

Discussion in 'Services' started by ifreakz, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Do you own a Blog at Blogger.com powered by google with an URL like YourBlog.Blogger.com and you wish to make it better by adding new gadgets, customizing the look, uploading more files, having it on your own domain rather than a sub domain under google? Now is the opportunity to own your own website at an extraordinary price.

    Now's the time to make your dream come true at an extraordinary price. At UltraMatics christmas season we are offering you excellent Blogger to Wordpress Services at a reasonable price.

    Advantages of WordPress Over Blogger?

    1. Ownership and branding - I could install the software to the server under my owned domain name with no sub-domain name structures. Like www.blog.com looks lot better than the www.blog.blogspot.com, and having something behind your desired name doesn’t look brandable. Wordpress proudly hands over the “Ownership” rights to us, making us the sole owner of the blog. With blogger, you are under their ownership and are just a blogger with no much branding to your blog.

    2. Blogs never go dead - This statement is right until you yourself kill the blog. If in any case, your blog is hacked or the database is lost, then you can have a backup from your server, or directly through your host. But in blogger seen most of the times, blogs are just gone, and a line “Blog not found” is seen there when we try to access the blog. There are very little chances of recovering a deleted blog in blogger.

    3. Categorized blogging - This is one of the main advantages with wordpress, we can have any number of categories and can post in these categories, rather than having no categories and posting random stuff as in blogger.
    A normal visitor searches for articles/posts in his desired category if he is browsing a blog powered by wordpress, but in a blogger blog there is absence of categories leading to visitor being in a confused land.

    4. Plugins for customization - There are thousands of plugins that help a wordpress blog to look more smarter always, easy to use and makes it more search engine friendly. A wordpress blog can be customized into any type and can be made look like a normal website/forum etc. Blogger gives just a blog, nothing more like plugins are included with it.

    5. Reaching the world through pings - Hundreds of pinging services and blog directories with RSS accept all wordpress feeds and are pinged once and always when a post is published in the wordpress blog, and the pinging in their sites can be automated.

    What does the service include? (Hosting - Creation - Promotion)
    • Conversion of Blog from yourdomain.blogger.com to yourdomain.com - (Or any available extension) First Year Registration at name.com Price Included
    • All Posts and comments are kept constant i.e you DO NOT lose your content.
    • Adsense/Analytics Setup On Demand.
    • Same/similar or desired type of design on your wordpress
    • Web Hosting with 5GB Space and 50GB Bandwidth - One Month Included
    • 250PR2+ Directory Submissions - With Report
    • Lifetime Free Support.


    Q. What is Blogger and What's WordPress?

    A. Blogger Wiki - Wordpress Wiki

    Q. What is the setup fee?

    A. $39 USD

    Q. Do you have an hidden fee and what's the recurring fee?

    A. No, We do not have any hidden fee.

    Recurring Fee Structure is as follows :

    * Web Hosting - 1.99$ / Month (Optional)
    * Site Maintenance - $15 / Month (Optional)
    * Domain Registration - $9.00-$14.00 / Year - As per your domain rates. (Optional)

    Q. How long will it take?

    A. Between 3-4Days. Detailed Report will be genrated for Dir Submission.

    Q. Will my blogger blog be affected?

    A. No, it will NOT be affected, You can continue blogging there as well. We will transfer all posts to Wordpress on your domain.

    Q. What do i do after ordering?

    A. Have a little patience, We will contact you the required Details.

    Order Now Price: $39.99 USD

    Contact :

    Email :
    MSN And Yahoo! Displayed In Profile.

    Sales Page : Here

    Best Regards,
    UltraMatics Solutions
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