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Blog Goal: Getting from 4 visitors to 100 visitors a day

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by elisuper, May 20, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the forum and new to blogging! I joined this forum because it seemed like it would be nice to newbies and also because it's not dead like a lot of the forums I've clicked through to.

    My blog is about offbeat things that you can do in various countries. Posts are mainly based on my experience and things I find interesting. Website: elisuperoffbeattravel.com if anyone's interested in taking a look.

    For the last 2 weeks (not including this week) I've had a total of 57 visitors from just posting content and linking on instagram. I'm now trying to up my numbers and I'd be grateful if anyone can give me feedback on my website or give me tips on what to do.

    So far this week I have:
    Told a few friends personally about my blog
    Posted a link to my blog on facebook
    Posted more content
    Joined a few forums (which were dead)
    Posted a comment on a fellow travel blog
    To date this month I have had:
    Views: 405 (mostly from me just clicking on the site)
    Visitors: 79
    Likes: 35
    Comments: 2
    Followers: 12
    elisuper, May 20, 2015 IP
  2. briguy

    briguy Well-Known Member

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    Pinterest is another great place to post travel pictures, you can even add a "pin this" type of button to your images. Good luck with your blog.
    briguy, May 24, 2015 IP
  3. jukebox9988

    jukebox9988 Well-Known Member

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    I'd build a facebook following and go from there. Your headlines are good. Try to make them go viral on social media. Also check out these 5 quick ways to increase SEO traffic.

    Don't forget to build an email list. You should create a free bribe like a report or something. Travelers love saving money so write a short report like "10 Ways to Travel the World on the Cheap." Something like that. Then email them when you post new stuff. This will boost your traffic easily.

    Lastly, stay consistent. Blogging is a long term activity. Slow and steady wins the race. You should add something cool to your site on a regular basis. Try to get guest writers to less the burden. Group blogs are best b/c you get many perspectives.
    jukebox9988, May 24, 2015 IP
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  4. elisuper

    elisuper Greenhorn

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    Thanks for the advice guys! I'm on pinterest but didn't know that other people could pin images! will definitely look into it.

    Nice blog post jukebox9988, I didn't know about PR backlinks before reading! will definitely be reading more of your blog later

    So this week I had 62 visitors which equals 8/9ish a day.. progress! haha
    I also received 5 wordpress followers but no email followers

    I'm back in Shanghai this week so want to focus on creating more content even though the internet is ridiculously slow and I need VPN to even access my blog argh
    elisuper, May 25, 2015 IP
  5. patco

    patco Well-Known Member

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    Facebook, Twitter & G+ are ideal for such a site to expand your visitor sources... Just do NOT spam and make it go viral! :)
    patco, May 25, 2015 IP