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Blocked Resources in google webmasters tool

Discussion in 'Google' started by r00t3d, Mar 19, 2017.

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    My site traffic has been going down recently i tried to find the reason even I'm working harder and adding more content daily, building backlink as well

    so what i found that google has blocked some resources in my site

    I knew that blocked resources came from popads network and i deleted the ad code since 3 days

    now how can i fix that error and remove that blocked resources ?
    also is this can be the reason for the traffic shortage ? its google punishment or something like that ?
    r00t3d, Mar 19, 2017 IP
  2. Toka97

    Toka97 Active Member

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    Blocked resources means you are telling Google not to crawl & index some pages on your website.
    Probably the popup ad network you were using blocks Google from crawling it's ad links, so since popup windows comes up on your site first maybe Googlebot got popup before your page, so Google got response not to index that page.
    So for response to that Google removed these pages from it's index & search results, so all traffic you were getting for this pages is gone. That's why your traffic is going down.

    To fix all that mess you can use "Fetch as Google" to make Google visit blocked pages again, since blocking ad code was removed Google will index these pages again and you'll get all traffic back.
    If you have a sitemap which contains all these blocked pages you can also use "Resubmit" so Google will analyze all pages again & will index removed pages. But depending on your sitemap size it may take more time(typically 1-2 days).
    P.S. Be sure to also check robots.txt so everything is right there
    Toka97, Mar 24, 2017 IP