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Selling Blank HTTP-Referer Tool is ready, 100% Guaranteed No-Referer Traffic

Discussion in 'Traffic' started by Gimmerank, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    Our new Blank HTTP-Referer Tool is ready to use now.
    Read more: https://gimmerank.com/en/KB/Help/Detail/Hide-HTTP-Referer

    No HTTP-Referer traffic, also call type-in traffic are very nature and safe to use, to sell or to buy. Our marketing plan feature has build-in HTTP-Referer remover (Blank Traffic Source), which provides a more complicated solution for sending safe traffic to affiliate programs. In other hand, this tool is a simple version of our HTTP-Referer remover, which provides simple solution to remove HTTP-Referer for various URLs from one simple place.

    100% Guaranteed No-Referer Traffic

    We have been in affiliate marketing and traffic trading business in years, we understand the leakage of traffic source (which presented in HTTP-Referer) is unacceptable, not even a single one leaking referer URL. So we provide you a guaranteed 100% HTTP-Referer removal. We use technologies more than DMR (Double Meta Refresh) and the four steps HTTP-Referer remover. We detect browsers and use different hide-referer methods, we even detect fake browser info and deal with them accordingly. Our HTTP-Referer remover also works on mobile browsers.

    High Performance and Fast Redirection

    Our whole system build on Windows Azure Cloud to cope with any kind of traffic amount in a blink. We deployed pre-DNS fetching to make the redirect even faster. All blank-referer happened in back sense and your visitors won't notice any delay on your traffic flow.

    No-Robots, No Sniffers
    We use User-Agent, known Search Engine IP addresses and known (Affiliate Network / PPC Advertising / Brand Monitor / Reputation Management / etc) organization of IP blocks to filter out the requests and make no traffic sniffing possible.

    Low Low Cost

    We create this simple version of Blank Traffic Source method in Marketing Plan to lower your cost, every click (redirect) only cost few credits, don't forget you have 10,000 free credits to test our service when you signed up.

    If your traffic is already with blank-referer, we won't charge any credits at all. Which means if the click is HTTP-Referer free, our service is free.

    Read more: https://gimmerank.com/en/KB/Help/Detail/Hide-HTTP-Referer

    Please reply me if you need any help.
    Gimmerank, Jun 30, 2012 IP
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    WTB iOS traffic. Please pm me or email with your propositions. My id:
    iOSAddict, Jul 19, 2012 IP