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Bizmey.com - Monetize your premium content ( General discussion )

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by ArfanCh, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I just wanted to inform you all and make this thread for Bizmey.com, a new Monetizing Network for Games & Premium Content. We also have a content gateway built for those who are looking to monetize their content and a Virtual Currency offer page for those who are looking to Monetize their games.

    Why work with us?

    * 24/7 Customer Friendly Service

    * Net 15 Pay outs via Paypal, ACH, & Checks (more ways coming soon)

    * We are newbie friendly always looking to help you make money

    * If you got an awesome idea that you could implement us we are willing to invest in your idea.

    * We welcome many international users to work with us with also an office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Quick Tutorial

    I thought I include a quick tutorial in my post:
    Some of the niches that we have manually tested during our beta mode and performed extremely well; these niches were tested from Newbie’s who just started making money online to Advanced users.

    * eBooks (Loosing weight, Anxiety, Depression, Acne, etc.) I guess anything related to health was a big hit.

    * Cheat Codes (Game cheat codes is just Huge! A definite thing you should try out)

    * Promo Codes / Discount Codes (We all are looking to save a few bucks)

    * Scripts / applications (Please note no pirated stuff, but simple scripts and applications that people are looking for, for example: Contact Form Script )

    * Icons / Templates (Make sure you water mark the template / icon and then give them the file at the end which they are able to use after completing an offer)

    Some neat ways of marketing:
    Video marketing – We had great success with Youtube also you could use TubeMogul for Bulk Video Uploading.

    Article marketing - ezinearticles.com, scribd.com, Slideshare.net, and Docstoc,

    Example One:

    1) Let’s say we are going to pick a niche of “ Anxiety Cure”

    2) We are going to use a keyword research tool I usually use Google Keywords. Now another neat thing to do is quickly message a few friends or family and ask them what they would type in if they were going to search for “Anxiety cure”.

    * Just a couple of days I noticed this free software CherryPicker - The World's Best Market Selection Software which can be very useful for new users looking to find a very easy niche to dominate in.

    3) Now for the marketing part you could simply write an article and plaster your content gateway link through out the article but I would not recommend that because it wont convert very well at all. The key is to give them information and to leave them wanting more. In simple terms give them hope. Tell them what Anxiety is, give them some information, and at the end leave them wanting more and this is where your link should go in.

    Example Two:

    1) Let’s say you know tons of cheat codes for a certain game and you want to make some money out of it?

    2) Simply take out a camcorder or if its on your computer use a screen recording software and show a cheat or two. Record this and upload this on Youtube and other video websites (This is where Tubemogul comes in useful allowing bulk video upload). Upload videos and target various keywords.

    3) Now to achieve better conversion rates you could simply direct those videos to a landing page and give them a few simple cheats and for the premium cheats give them a link to the content gateway, and watch the money come in!

    Hopefully I gave many of you a general idea how to start, I am always online 24/7 so feel free to contact me anytime (advertisers & publishers).
    Regards, ArfanChaudhry

    Twitter: @Arfanchaudhry
    Gtalk.com: Arfan.ch "at" gmail.com
    Skype: ArfanChaudhry
    Aim: Arfanchaudhry
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2010
    ArfanCh, Jul 27, 2010 IP
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  2. longtime

    longtime Active Member

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    Are there any demos?
    Do you allow sites with illegal content?
    longtime, Jul 27, 2010 IP
  3. ArfanCh

    ArfanCh Active Member

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    Here is a demo

    Some options you get
    - Direct Payment is optional which includes Paypal & Zong (cellphone)
    - We allow you to choose amount of offers to display ( Min is 3 and Max is 6)
    - We allow you to Embed it in your page and change background colors or just get a Direct Link
    - Have 3 buttons to choose from (Download, Continue and Access)

    As for Illegal content you have to PM me and I will see what it is, but in General we don't allow illegal / pirated content.
    ArfanCh, Jul 27, 2010 IP
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