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Bizarre mod_rewrite experience

Discussion in 'Apache' started by Owlcroft, Aug 3, 2004.

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    The core line is:
    RewriteRule ^essays/(.*)\.html$ http://domain.com/scripts/read.php?term=$1 [L]
    It's doing pretty well, except:

    When the call is--

    --(where %2F url-encodes a slash, / ,) instead of passing aword%2Fanotherword as the variable $1 to the php script, the call goes to:

    Is a major puzzlement (and pain in the elbow). Does not (.*)\.html signify that everything prior to a .html--regardless of "meaning"--will be captured into the variable $1 ? I mean, in theory I would think that I could send--

    --along and get joke1/jest2/farce passed as the variable to the script.

    What am I missing here??!?

    POSTSCRIPT: I now discover that if the %2F is replaced by a true slash, / , the thing will work. Someone gonna havta 'splain that one to me. . . .
    Owlcroft, Aug 3, 2004 IP