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Bidvertiser Cheated me, Snatched My 100$ and Closed Account

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by vbpujara, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Hello All Members,

    This message is to inform you all about Cheating and Fraud Advertising Website Bidvertiser. com
    They have cheated me , Snatched my $100 without asking me (with their Misleading policy.)

    The Full Story here...

    I received email from Bidvertiser.com on 22 Dec 2018 about their Promotional Code of $50 for Advertising, They also have written : No Deposit Needed to claim it , Then i visited into bidvertiser website. Copy Pasted Code and code was successfully Redeemed but there was compulsory to add Paypal account or Credit Card, So i selected Credit Card option, ( I thought it is just Authorization process) Main Part Comes here They have not Clarified in any part of page about $100 Funding will deduct to Redeem Coupon. I proceed ahead to submit my Credit card and my $100 was immediately deducted from Credit Card. (My Payment was gone to Bpath Ltd)
    Then I submitted Support Ticket immediately, I waited 2 days because of Weekend. When i tried to login My Advertiser Account today 24 dec it has been Deleted by them. Also They have Deleted my Support Ticket Message from their website.

    I tried to Contact by email, I received email : my Ads were with malicious content so my Account is deleted. For your Kind Information I would like to tell you I have same Ads were running on Google Adwords but No Problem.

    In Conclusion : Bidvertiser proved that they are Cheaters and Scammers. I have all proofs in Screenshots which i am providing you.

    I Request you all to check all images below as I could not upload more than one.


    Screen Shots Included : 1. Coupon Code , 2. My Support Ticket, 3. My Support Ticket email confirmation, 4. My Account Was on Bidvertiser, 5. Account Close message proof and 6. Payment Deduction Message from my Mobile.

    Attached Files:

    vbpujara, Dec 24, 2018 IP
  2. Jerlene.net

    Jerlene.net Prominent Member

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    Wow. That's terrible. I'm sorry you had to experience that. They responded to you about your account being deleted, so did they respond to you about your money?
    Jerlene.net, Dec 28, 2018 IP
  3. msk

    msk Well-Known Member

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    the same here - $100 on my paypal, but i have`nt any agreements with bpath about preapprove payment. what to do? still waiting for reply from bpath
    msk, Feb 19, 2019 IP
  4. iwebsocial

    iwebsocial Well-Known Member

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    Hello Vivek, Sorry to heard about the incident happened to you. Since you have used Credit Card to Make the Payment, So, File a charge back dispute with your credit card provider and I am sure you will receive your money back.
    iwebsocial, Feb 19, 2019 IP