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Beware of Vinoth Kannan He's a Cheater and a Scammer!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by cassedy, May 24, 2017.

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    Beware of vinoth kannan, owner of website vinkas.com

    member of our forum



    this man is a cheater!

    i recently selling my website here in the marketplace, and this man ask me if he can buy straight to me.

    i trusted him here's our deal..

    • After receiving the hosting server account details I will send the first partial payment
    • After moving the website to my server another another payment
    • After transferring the domain name another payment
    • After 1 month post sale support for the last payment.

    i am a good man and trusted him with that, so after i gave him the hosting server account details, he paid me using paypal but it was withheld.

    i didn't agree and ask him why his payment on paypal is withheld, he immediately says he don't know and said just to refund his first payment and he will do it via wire transfer.

    i trust him so i refunded the money, give my bank details. after 30mins he did not reply so i was worried and in my end i know something was not right.

    i immediately open my admin panel and i am in total shock, my security password is not working, so i open my cpanel and see he modified some script on my website.

    i immediately write my backup and secure my hosting and website,

    this person is a cheater, he already copied some of my website's content.

    here is my website : www.gsmreloaded.com

    here is what he copies on my website, lucky it is just a few : https://gsm.vinkas.com

    recently i was talking to another potential buyer, hope they are not both connected...

    cassedy, May 24, 2017 IP