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Beware Mony-Tree.com ebay niche store, site builder company

Discussion in 'eBay' started by Magawr, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Not so long ago, I had nothing but praise for this company, namely Mony-Tree.com - however since then the experience of using Mony-Tree ebay affiliate niche store site builder, online business for internet marketing etc has really taken a turn for the worse.
    I would really encourage everyone here to not go anywhere near this Mony-Tree company, they really did turn out to be the most amateur outfit you could almost possibly hope to meet online and to be perfectly honest, pretty brutal too in their customer service department.

    My problems started with Mony-Tree around the 5th of June 08, about 4 weeks ago. Until that date, commissions had been coming in very steadily, several times a day from eBay, then without warning, the commissions dried up completely as in, they literally dropped like a stone to nothing at all.

    Obviously 2 weeks into this process, I'm getting fairly concerned as it would be natural for anyone doing so in a similar situation.

    So, I post on the Mony-Tree forum my concerns, expecting hopefully to receive some help regarding the issues. I also raised the point, that since in effect, we did not personally know these guys from Adam, that I felt that there was a conflict of interest that the Administrators at Mony-Tree were also using the identical system themselves to generate for themselves extra income, on top of the subscription price at the basic level of $29.95 per month.

    My concern here was a very natural one. That if the admin of Mony-Tree were making money from selling the service, how could it be considered fair to the membership base if at the same time they, the admin was using the software to top up their own earnings? In other words, members could be putting in the research to find a great undiscovered niche and who knows if the mony-tree staff were then using that research to further line the potential profits of their own sites or indeed, using the very same keywords as well, which let's face it, take hours sometimes to find. I just felt that really, there was a conflict of interest there which really needed addressing - I just couldn't see how such a practice was entirely fair to the actual members paying for the service.

    Of course, they just had to take this comment way out of context, or should I say specifically, one of the admin members of Mony-Tree took it completely the wrong way. I was told not to dare to put it upon them that there was some kind of fraudulent activity going on, which was not what I was trying to communicate at all, far from it, for the reasons already stated above.

    Despite trying to explain this, I was instantly banned from the private support forum, the reason being given was Negative Attitude. Just those two words, nothing else. This despite the fact that one of the other administrators just a few days before had been thanking me personally for a lot of the help and assistance I had been giving towards other people, indeed, at that time, he had even offered me some extra site credits to use on my account, as a way of saying thank you.

    This all literally stemmed after that because of a comment by me which was wholly misinterpreted and taken the wrong way, which incidentally, was not the first time this had happened, as the same admin at Mony-Tree who was now pushing this into a major issue had formerly been accusing me of racism upon the very same forum, which to be honest went down like a lead brick since in particular this is an issue which I am and always have been wholeheartedly against - in a nutshell, there's not a racist bone in my body. This I thought was a very offensive remark by this individual.

    The trouble with Mony-Tree is that these guys have obviously never ever worked for themselves before, one gets the feeling that this is their first time ever, branching out to what is in effect, self employment, they run Mony-Tree whilst all holding down other full time jobs, customer care therefore leaves something to be desired.

    So, in total I built 8 websites through Mony-Tree who I had been with since April 1st 08. Because the websites are hosted on their own server, in effect they have you over a barrel if ever they decide for whatever reason that you are not of the material with which they wish to conduct business with.

    Today was the final straw. The payment from Paypal didn't go through on time, so I used funds from another Paypal account to pay my current month subscription, having noticed first thing this morning upon waking up that my websites, all 8 of them were not showing up at all. So, I get a receipt from Paypal telling me the payment, though a few hours late, has gone through ok, then what do I receive but an email from the admin at Mony-Tree telling me that they have refunded my payment and that they have now banned my account with their company completely.

    In other words, all 8 websites, some of which were over 20 pages long, every page fully keyword optimized, ten's of articles being written for the major article directories, the whole process has taken me as a complete newbie to web design etc, literally hundreds of hours and now all the data from all of the sites has been completely 'lost', just now receiving a message that Mony-Tree have no intention of reinstating the account, full stop.

    If this company were in the UK, I would literally be in my car right now driving to see them to give them a piece of my mind personally and it wouldn't be a pretty sight, I can tell you.

    To say I am absolutely disgusted with this Mony-Tree scam outfit is the mildest understatement of the year.

    Not only do I now lose all those hours put in of lots of hard work, but also all my earnings, all the info from all my sites, my headers that I had especially designed, absolutely everything not to mention my affiliate commissons.

    I know this is long winded, sorry about that, but I just want to warn everyone to steer absolutely clear of this bunch of incompetent monkey's who wouldn't know how to run a business, online let alone a customer service department if it poked them straight in the eye.

    Mony-Tree.com is a complete scam as far as I am concerned where they hold your very own websites and content etc to ransom to say nothing but positive good things about them, otherwise you are out. That to me is a perfectly shoddy and very underhanded way of going about conducting business online, personally, I think Mony-Tree and the admin there, their attitude, it stinks to high heaven.

    My very honest review is, DO NOT touch Mony-Tree with a bargepole! More fool you if you do!


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    Magawr, Jul 7, 2008 IP
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