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Better Traffic Sites

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by jaguar34, Mar 31, 2018.

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    I find other small Search Engines giving more traffic and Answer sites with better marketing efforts than Yahoo since 2-5 years. Same is the case with Google as both the companies will be going into losses in their efforts to aquire small companies in their small niche.
    Like Google is finding small Chat Apps and commenting anything about them with official staff they hired.
    Orkut was closed down, same will happen with both these companies and Internet will be better place again.
    jaguar34, Mar 31, 2018 IP
  2. danasurvey

    danasurvey Well-Known Member

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    Finding other ways to get traffic to your blogs and sites is always a good idea. While bigger search engines like Google and Yahoo can bring in traffic, so can things like groups, other sites, etc. SMM (Social Media Marketing) is another way to get quality traffic as well.
    danasurvey, Apr 2, 2018 IP
  3. Tom Lindstrom

    Tom Lindstrom Well-Known Member

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    There are many other ways to get highly targeted traffic to your site, organic traffic from the search engines are just one (unreliable) and slow way.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Create a Pinterest account - Start pinning great stuff and also your own stuff. When people share the pins, you will get traffic and links.

    Create a Quora account - Start a blog on Quora and answer questions. Link back to your own site, it will help with the search engine rankings over time.

    Start a YouTube channel - Make videos, comment on other peopleĀ“s videos. Link back to your own site. YouTube videos rank really well in Google.

    Forums - Choose a few popular forums in your niche, make useful comments & help other members. Link back to your site from the signature. This will help with the search engine rank over time, plus you will get lots of traffic from the forums just by participating regularly.
    Tom Lindstrom, Apr 3, 2018 IP
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  4. Sankalp Patil

    Sankalp Patil Greenhorn

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    Following sites where you find highest traffic
    1. google
    2. Local
    3. citysearch
    4. yelp
    5. judysbook
    6. mojopages
    7. ehow
    8. hubpages
    9. seekingalpha
    10. ezinearticles.com
    Sankalp Patil, Apr 25, 2018 IP