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[Beta Testers Wanted] If you do Affiliate Marketing and use WordPress, keep reading

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by itsme, Apr 24, 2013.

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    I'm a php developer, I am also a webmaster and an affiliate marketer. Naturally, I have built a few custom tools over the years, and now I'm releasing my favorite as a product, and I need a few good Beta Testers!

    I use this tool to fill up websites and blogs with affiliate product posts. I can generate as few or as many CUSTOMIZED (including longtail seo keywords) posts as I please, in minutes. I've used this tool to add hundreds of relevant affiliate products to established blogs; I've also used it to blast out new sites with tens of thousands of pages... usually in about 5-10 minutes.

    The content is generated using affiliate datafeeds or Amazon. This is not a scraper tool or anything of that nature. It relies on datafeeds, or any type of delimited file as it's source (or Amazon as mentioned).

    Why is this different from the other products?

    With my application you can create and distribute your content to ALL of your WordPress websites from ONE central dashboard. No need to login or install plugins on each WP site individually.

    Upload your datafeeds into the system once and reuse them as much as you need, without having to upload them to each website. Also, you can use Amazon if you don't like using datafeeds.

    You can optionally download remote images into your WordPress Media library and use them in your posts (great for Google Image Search)

    Lots of customizations, longtail SEO features and so on... since this is not meat to be a sales thread, I won't bother to list everything. The most important details have already been said.

    I'm putting the website together right now and working on promotional material so I don't have any screencasts to show but there are a few screenshots on the website and really, if you do affiliate->WordPress then you will likely understand the logic in the product without too much trouble.

    You can reach me by PM or email if my PM inbox is full:
    (that's also the domain of the website)

    What I am looking for in a good Beta Tester:

    - operate at least 5 WordPress sites (new or old, doesn't matter)
    - have access to affiliate datafeeds
    - be willing to use this to actually create content, not just take a peek at the system because you are curious (although thanks for being curious!)

    System requirements:

    PHP 5.3 (preferred although it should run on 5.2 as well)
    Your own hosting with domain name (this is a self-hosted application, the domain is required because of the licensing server, so no localhost please)
    IonCube decoder (most good hosts have this by default, or can install no problems)

    Final notes:

    Even with conservative application 'process settings', I have been able to distribute about 15,000 posts daily. Generating that many takes only a few minutes. :)

    You will get a free copy of the final release when the Beta is over, as a token of my appreciation for your time and input.

    Again, PM or email and we can go over any questions you may have and get started with testing!

    itsme, Apr 24, 2013 IP