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BETA: SaverPal - Auto Couponing tool - Testers required.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by obay, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Work officially started on SaverPal in early January, since then we have been non-stop developing and creating a new and exciting tool to enhance users experiencing couponing on the Internet. We can now officially say that we have launched on the Google Chrome Store to allow customers to download our new tool kit. Please understand that we are still in beta mode and we will update our toolbar as much as we can.

    You may experience some issues while using the toolbar, such as some coupons that may not seem relevant to you. Please scroll down further on the toolbar and you should be able to find the coupon that you can use.

    Mainly at the moment, there are only UK Retailers with only a handful of retailers worldwide that have entered to join us. We are slowly working on getting more retailers on board to help us.

    Retailer portal

    Although we are still working on the toolbar, the Retailer Portal should be coming up shortly as well. We will be notifying all who wanted to be involved with this to sign up upon completing the first stages, again, this is very beta – we will improve as time goes on.

    Please make use and download the toolbar, only a handful of websites work thus far, however, we will be slowly adding more to the mix as soon as we possibly can.


    Please report everything to us that is incorrect for you. We only want to make the experience better for you as much as possible. Please do not give up as we are working as fast as we can to get the tool to a fully operational state.
    Thank you.
    obay, Mar 27, 2020 IP