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Best way to monetize this site?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by CarlBlogger, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, been a while since I've posted. I need a leg up on what you would do with this site to help monetize it.

    sam *
    divine *
    fan * com (hope that's ok to stop it being indexed)

    I'm growing the socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is going well and I've seen some slow new ticket sales. I want to help increase these sales but I'm not sure where the best placement is on the site or what to include. I'm also going to try and sell iTunes music, where do you think the best placement is to make money?

    Looking for any suggestions, thanks!
    Carl :)
    CarlBlogger, Feb 21, 2017 IP
  2. Anitasol

    Anitasol Active Member

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    Hi there, I just checked out website. Since it's about music, why not try being present on YouTube aside from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It's a much better platform to be around, right?

    Yes, you can try selling iTunes music on your website. But try eMusic's affiliate program, buddy. Maybe it'll work for your website. Best of luck!
    Anitasol, Feb 22, 2017 IP
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  3. Sherlyn Shah

    Sherlyn Shah Member

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    If music paid YouTube promotion will cost you cheaper . If looking for free try posting in groups of fb, Twitter and other social sites which has group members of 1lacs plus.
    Sherlyn Shah, Feb 22, 2017 IP
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  4. robinymym

    robinymym Active Member

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    1. Improve Ad Space
    Yes, you are available ad area on your site but you need to be aware with it especially on a songs web page. Let’s face it, songs lovers are really fussy individuals and most of them can get really idealistic. The last thing you want to happen is to have your own songs web page look anything but one. Don’t forget exactly who are going there for: the background songs.
    There’s nothing wrong with promoting ads on your own songs site, though, and if you do it right it can lead to a better encounter for the customers. An excellent principle is to ensure that these ads are aspect of the approach to life the background songs business is promoting.
    Ads for the newest and best wireless headphones? Excellent. Ads for set boots? Most likely not unless you’re managing a new bands web page and you’ve got a pretty valid purpose of operating an ad for shoes.
    Make sure also not to put too many ads even if they’re all aspect of the approach to life. The more ads you put, the more likely lovers are going to get converted off.
    Don’t know where to start? Check out Search engines DFP and Adsense!
    2. Offer Ad Space Straight / Offer Online Products
    Google Search engines adsense is amazing and makes it all easier, but if you can get a immediate cope with a songs organization then that could mean better.
    Reach out to some performers or songs brands launching new content or try contacting a local or more compact market songs item organization. Stunning a quality cope with them could convert into better income and a better consumer encounter for your customers.
    Now we get to affialiate items. Online items and programs are merely items that someone else operates and offers. When you relate your viewers to the item and they buy then you get a cut from the selling.
    Perhaps you could do an overview on a set of new audio system and relate individuals to a web connect to buy.
    Remember, keep it in the approach to life of the background songs you are presenting or it may appear scammy.
    3. Put Up Your Own Shop
    Another wonderful way to generate income from from a songs web site is to run your own store. This of course is more complex, but if you have an important following then this would be definitely worth it.
    Sell digital songs. Offer physical ones. Offer someone else’s group clothing or maybe even make out and and then sell your own. You could even sell encounter like hearing events or house events. Get creative!
    4. Create Amazing Content
    The first three tips are perfect, but it all comes down to this: if your site doesn’t have awesome content then none of them will work.
    People go to songs sites for one reason: the background songs. So concentrate on that. Create awesome content about awesome songs.
    Get on top of the newest produces and what’s hot and occurring, but also search hard and relate individuals to excellent finds out there.
    Make your content outcome reliable. It is very important that you get your site into people’s routines. It should be automated for them to go to you for their songs fix.
    robinymym, Feb 27, 2017 IP