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Best Way to Market an eCommerce Website

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by turri40, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Hi, I am getting ready to launch my site full fledge.

    I'v already starting if the marketing, with just articles so far.

    I've noticed my competitors don't run ads on Adwords. My website is very niche based could that be why?

    so wondering what are the best ways to promote my site?

    price for my products are very sensitive. so all my competitors charge relatively the same, how do i get customers to buy from my store?

    free shipping isn't an option.

    any and all of ur ideas would greatly appreciated!

    turri40, Oct 9, 2008 IP
  2. Bigman012

    Bigman012 Peon

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    I'd say go with Adwords, I see a lot of successful ecommerce businesses using Adwords. If you can afford to have some limited time deals for your launch like 2 for 1 or cheap shipping on certain products. From there you will establish yourself as a quality business and word of mouth from a few happy customers can take you a long way.
    Bigman012, Oct 9, 2008 IP
  3. tenants-in-common

    tenants-in-common Member

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    yes go with adwords initially but work on your contents. produce niche articles with links to your product detail pages. that way you are indexed by the SEs and you will get more traffic eventually.
    tenants-in-common, Oct 9, 2008 IP
  4. edwardboey

    edwardboey Peon

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    I agree with bigman. Adwords is a good start to market it. But you should move on to other things as time goes by. Create something viral would really give you an impact when you are promoting your products. Example, like when your customer recommends your product to legitimate customers ensure to reward them by either having some sort of affiliate commission or either giving him a free product.

    Marketing on forums would also help, but doing in a more subtle way.
    Drop me a note once your site is up.
    Good luck and Cheers.
    edwardboey, Oct 9, 2008 IP
  5. kiteguy123

    kiteguy123 Guest

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    One way to get some customers in is Adwords, but this is a bit normal and I bet you'd already thought of that ;) If you have some money set aside, then you should think about offering vouchers to your store in contests. Might sound silly, but if the contest is getting a lot of coverage then so will your store.

    Do you mind telling us your niche so we can give a more detailed answer?
    kiteguy123, Oct 10, 2008 IP
  6. mentos

    mentos Notable Member

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    Well it depend on your marketing budget.
    If you have big budget go for TV ads and newspaper ads.
    If you don't just use adword and some press release to create buzz
    mentos, Oct 10, 2008 IP