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Best tool to find Golden keywords - Climbing to top 1 on Google

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by tuannghiareview, Mar 21, 2017.

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    Hi guys, the reason I'm writing this post is to tell newbie how they can get the best keywords for their newly created website. These tool include both free and paid but I believe they are the best around, let see what it is.
    1. Google Keyword Planer
    This software has been famous for a very very long time. Almost any blogger, newbie and seasoned SEO use this tool to find out related keyword to find out related keyword along with their search quantity
    Pros : Free and easy to use and it gives you the largest range of related keywords.
    Cons : It is built for advertisers, so it has little to do with keyword competitiveness for publishers.
    You may not find very unique keyword which no one is targeting. For best profitable keywords, you have to use other keyword research tools as well.
    2. Keywordtool.io
    Keywordtool.io is what you should be using when you want to get tons of long tail keywords for your seed keywords. This tool gives you keywords based on Google, Bing, Yahoo and apple app store for free. It provides a huge resource of keywords that would otherwise never see the daylight.
    Pros : It displays a huge number of related keywords.
    Cons : The free version has very less information to analyze the keyword competitiveness.
    No information on PPC or search volume (you have to upgrade to view these).
    3. Long Tail Pro
    It would be shame if I didn't mention Long Tail Pro. This software helps you to find upto 800 keywords per seed keyword entered. But the main trick here is to find relevant keywords and reuse them as seed keywords until you reach at the mine of keywords that yield pure gold.
    Pros : It is by far one of the best keyword research tools I have come across.
    It gives you at least 800 keywords for each seed keyword along with their search volume, PPC, competitiveness, and top ten pages ranking on Google for it.
    Cons : It is a bit slow sometimes and you have to give access to your google adwords for evaluating the keywords.
    It is not free
    4. Live Rank Sniper
    This software is new and getting famous day by day. It not only give the evaluation of the keywords you needed but also suggest the best keywords for your videos. It can bring your video on targeted SE and drive it to top 1 in minutes.
    Pros : Highly recommended by video marketer, ranked as one of the best keyword finder tools.
    Easy to install and use, Friendly support teams.
    Cons : It is not free
    Can be use for videos marketer
    That is my list and I'm happy that you can add some more tools to enlarge our knowledge.
    tuannghiareview, Mar 21, 2017 IP
  2. Anya Joe

    Anya Joe Member

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    oww its really sound good. Is it really work?
    Anya Joe, Apr 10, 2017 IP
  3. Serpstat.com

    Serpstat.com Greenhorn

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    This method is tied to Serpstat's Missing Keywords report that shows which keywords similar URLs (to your serched URL) are ranking for in top 10 but are missed out by your page.

    It takes only minutes to run and you'll instanly see what long tail keywords can be taken for a spin by your site. Themethod is simple:
    - Paste your pages address in the seach box of the tool, choose your database, click Search > URL Analysis > > Missing Keywords:

    This report will show you all the keywords for which similar pages from the top 10 are ranking for, but your queried page is missing (or doesn’t rank for in top 100)

    The column Other URLs contains shows which of your pages also contain these keywords and on which positions. If it says “None” this means that your whole site don’t rank for these keywords in top 100 at all.

    This will give you the ready list of keywords to optimize your page with. All of these would be verified keywords as the tool pulls data from only top domains cutting out trash results.

    Then, find your competitors weaknesses by running head to head comparison of your page with the direct competing pages like so:

    When you analyze a URL in the tool, click on URL Analysis >> Page vs. Page, put up to three competitors’ page in fields and press Compare:

    When you do so, you’ll see the graph of the keyword pools of each page:

    You can Export each partition of keywords, e.g. correlating keywords of each two or three pages (common keywords), unique keywords of each page and such.

    Instanly you’ll be able to analyze positions of each keyword for these pages and find valuable keywords (keywords possibilities) if, for example, you see which keywords your competitors are losing positions to take on them and outrank them:

    Export all the data and work with sheets to speed up the process.
    You’ll sure find high quality keywords with these techniques as value is added to a keywords if it serves it’s purpose, like for example, increase in conversion rates, not just traffic.
    Serpstat.com, Apr 18, 2017 IP
  4. Even Mehmed

    Even Mehmed Peon

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    Yes, Its really work good
    Even Mehmed, Feb 22, 2019 IP