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Best RAD tool for PHP/MySQL development

Discussion in 'PHP' started by itechiesnet, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Advise sought from php experts!!

    Perhaps, this was discussed many times before.
    Have done apps using php/mySQL, but mostly hand coding(no visual tools were used). I recently used CodeIgnitor, which was neat, but still lots of coding.

    After having done coding in .NET using Visual studio, noticed the time savings.
    Sure, for php also have we have RAD tools like Zend.

    But which tool is the best and has features like login/membership, search, grids, ajax etc inbuilt (similar to Visual studio). I know there are other open source frameworks, but I would like to know if we have a good tool that has similar features as Visual studio and can cut down development time significantly.

    itechiesnet, Jul 26, 2008 IP
  2. Greg Carnegie

    Greg Carnegie Peon

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    You can check out "Delphi for PHP" i am not sure if that is the correct name, anyway it is a Borland product so i guess you will find it easily.

    As for other RAD tools for PHP ... hmm there maybe some plugine for Eclipse.

    Last one i am familiar with is Komodo IDE by ActiveState.com (295$)
    Greg Carnegie, Jul 27, 2008 IP
  3. atlantaazfinest

    atlantaazfinest Peon

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    Yea Komodo IDE is one of the best IMO
    atlantaazfinest, Jul 27, 2008 IP
  4. php-lover

    php-lover Active Member

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    I'm a bit confuse here..what is RAD tools mean. Is that Rapid Application Development or something else.
    Are you looking for a php framework?
    php-lover, Jul 27, 2008 IP
  5. Social.Network

    Social.Network Member

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    I am a .NET developer transitioning to PHP and have not found a comparable RAD tool like VS.

    I did find and recommend the following:

    - A rich IDE with debugging (VS.Php, PHPDesigner, PhpEd, etc)
    - A PHP 5.x based web application framework (Zend, etc)

    As a side note, I started using the Prado framework because of its ASP.NET like event-based programming model. It contain ASP-NET like controls too.
    Social.Network, Jul 28, 2008 IP