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Best Personal Search Engine - Spectate Swamp Desktop Search

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by SpectateSwamp, Apr 29, 2012.


2nd Best Personal Search Engine - to SSDS

Poll closed Jan 24, 2015.
  1. The 2nd Best is too far back to be of interest

  2. Phooie there are others that are better - Just has to be

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  3. None has a faster start-up than SSDS

  4. Random without random video what good are they

  5. Software so good it lets you capture FTS Faster Than Sight objects

  6. Random slow motion Wedding video is a killer

  7. Pictures are obsolete when video is done this Good

  8. Way more to brag about with SSDS Way more

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  1. #1
    I use SSDS to search my video, text, pics and music. Everything I need for those is there. If it's not; I'll add it. Random is key; along with super fast start-ups. Just under 500kb. This program is meant to be Started - Killed - restarted - killed (especially when selecting random video) For text I have it return passwords and URL links. My data forever. All my emails since 1996 are searchable at 20,000,000 CPS. That is fast enough for me..
    Can't touch this Personal Search Engine. Nobody has better control of their OWN data than this. Nobody.

    What I want to know; is who is 2nd....
    SpectateSwamp, Apr 29, 2012 IP
  2. war_machine

    war_machine Active Member

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    I voted. Hope to see the result .
    war_machine, May 6, 2012 IP
  3. SpectateSwamp

    SpectateSwamp Active Member

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    The LATEST feature is the Spectate View enhancer.
    Like a wildly vibrating progress bar.
    And it works.

    Here is what the feature does...
    Start video play at 63.960 seconds in and play for 1/30 second then pause
    restart video play at 63.965 seconds playing for another 1/30 second with pause
    restart video play at 63.970 seconds for another 1/30...
    for 4 or 5 more times.

    you'll just see things that were harder before. The repeat repeat repeat lets one see things.
    It is the last frame that remains longest and is visible as the view enhancer progresses.

    Still testing with my Strange videos ...
    It won't be hard to make it into a fast forward feature as well.
    instead of skipping by .005 seconds skip by 3.000 seconds and play 1/30 (2 times)

    Being able to play the same segment a couple times ensures that you see the specified video clip even when other tasks are hogging the cpu.

    What an incredible feature .....
    SpectateSwamp, Mar 21, 2018 IP