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best option for to begin selling in Europe

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by sixrfan, Oct 25, 2020.

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    I am with a USA furniture manufacturer that has been selling in the USA Amazon marketplace for 10+ years (on our own website and in Amazon USA). We are now looking to expand internationally (most likely into Europe first).

    We sell large furniture. Most products are shipped in 2-3 separate boxes of components. Most of the time it is close to this 2 box structure:
    Box A: 42"x28"x2" | weight: 28lbs
    Box B. 49"x6"x4" | weight: 18lbs
    We anticipate we would sell about 1 product per week in Europe.

    There seem to be a few roads we could go down:
    a. Amazon EU FBA fulfillment
    b. Amazon EU with a service Service Provider Network partner for storage/logistics:
    c. Amazon EU but we use a service other than their Service Provider Network
    d. Avoid Amazon EU and just sell ourselves through our ecommerce site and find a fulfillment service.

    Does anyone have a recommendation as to which route is better and why? Thanks in advance!!!
    sixrfan, Oct 25, 2020 IP