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Best Forum Software

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Toplink, Mar 9, 2015.

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    A Forum Software question.

    Sorry if this is not in the correct sub forum............

    I have a forum about 8 years old based on vBulletin. But I think I need to change. The site has been extensively hacked and I've wasted a lot of time and money trying to get it fixed.

    I've hired lots of third party 'experts' to assist me and they never quite get the forum fixed.

    I have asked vBulletin directly for help, but they do not provide hands on fixing, only advice. I'm not a techie, so I need someone to actually fix it.

    Maybe it's time to change our Forum software?

    A friend uses XenForo and that looks good. I suspect this forum uses the same software.

    Any tips on your 'top 3' for forum software would be great. I don't mind about licence and support costs if they are reasonable. i.e. Not just looking for free stuff.
    The essentials to me are:

    1. Widely used and accepted (it works)
    2. Easy to use
    3. Robust security and not easily hacked
    4. Good support (really important. Don't mind if it costs extra)
    5. Easy to upgrade or re-skin
    Maybe there are other 'essentials' you would include?
    Any suggestions most appreciated.
    Toplink, Mar 9, 2015 IP
  2. internext

    internext Active Member

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    My top 3 would be, in no particular order:
    Invision Power Services IP.Board -- New community focus in v4 with apps that interconnect and add to overall participation.
    Woltlab Burning Board -- Great forum but also has other products developed in house for smooth integration.
    XenForo -- Best forum-only solution with the most active 3rd party development
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
    internext, Mar 9, 2015 IP
  3. CYCchips

    CYCchips Active Member

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    Better to use forum already made
    CYCchips, Mar 9, 2015 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    For the most part the "bigger" the forum software the bigger the pile of crap it is. Xenforo is a poster child for everything WRONG with forum development being so knee deep in scripttardery that to even USE a site that has it as it's forum, I end up having to client side neuter the crap out of it with user.css and user.js to even use said sites. Including this one!

    I like SMF, but that's mostly because it's skinning system (of using PHP for templating as PHP is a templating system) lets me easily slice out all the crap and actually figure out where things ARE. It's lightweight, speedy, and I've never needed or wanted much more. Recently it too is turning into slow loading crap, but that just seems to be the direction the PSD jockeys, scripttards and sleazeball scam artists who have taken over the industry seem to be trying to drag us all.

    See the current "templating system" BS like Smarty because apparantly using a more complex templating system atop PHP is "easier" than just using PHP which is itself a templating system. RIGHT. Maybe if people learned to use echo and single quotes instead of opening and closing PHP willy-nilly they'd find it easier, but NO, that makes too much sense.
    deathshadow, Mar 10, 2015 IP
  5. TB Ann

    TB Ann Banned

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    xenforo must be the best. it alerts users to the thread updates when someone replied or liked thier posts.
    TB Ann, Mar 10, 2015 IP
  6. PoPSiCLe

    PoPSiCLe Illustrious Member

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    THAT functionality is fully available in almost any forum software out there, albeit in some cases it involves plugins.
    PoPSiCLe, Mar 10, 2015 IP
  7. superrichguy

    superrichguy Well-Known Member

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    I read Vanilla is good, but I have not tried it, I have been using phpbb and am thinking of changing because all the spam is too much to handle.
    superrichguy, Mar 10, 2015 IP
  8. Oscar Mariotti

    Oscar Mariotti Greenhorn

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    Is it correct???
    Oscar Mariotti, Mar 21, 2015 IP