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Benefits for "smaller" (sub 100 page) sites?

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by bobafind, Aug 5, 2004.

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    I run a (currently) small site with about 75 pages and recently integrated the Co-op ad network on my site. I am wondering if I will see any benefit from it since there are so many "weightier" sites out there with thousands of pages. Is there much hope for getting even one or two of my ads out there in a week / month, or is this really just for the big guys?

    I'm hoping to add more content soon, but I don't think I can realy compete with most of the sites out there unless I start mirroring wikipedia or something ;)

    This is my first post on the DP forums, though I've been a long time lurker. It seems the level of expertise and quality of replies here is far above many other forums out there. Just wanted to say thanks for all the resources you provide.
    bobafind, Aug 5, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

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    It has benefit for sites small and large actually. Of course larger sites will get *more* benefit. But that's because they are giving more ad space to the network (not trying to be biased just because they are "large").
    digitalpoint, Aug 5, 2004 IP